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Long Vowel Spelling Patterns

Many of my first and second friends are now working with long vowel sounds.  Those vowels can be so tricky as sometimes the vowel says a short sound and sometimes a long sound, and then to top it off, there are several different spelling patterns for long vowels.  When our young readers are learning these patterns, reference posters often help.  I created this poster just for this purpose.  You can download this freebie by just clicking the link below.


 To download this poster just click the following link Long Vowel Sounds Poster

I created the Long Vowel Sounds Spelling Patterns activity for my first and second grade friends to practice the long vowel sounds spelling patterns.  Each booklet contains 16 practice cards with the spelling patterns presented on the cover.


Simply laminate the cards and bind them together with a loose leaf ring.  Have your students write the correct spelling pattern for each word using a dry erase marker.  After use, wipe the card clean and use over and over again.  This activity is great for either independent centers or as an activity for introducing long vowel sounds during small group instruction.



 The Make, Take & Teach Long Vowel Sounds Spelling Patterns is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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4 Ways to Improve Oral Reading Fluency


Picked up a good book lately?  Well, my shelves are literally busting with school-related books and I just organized them into categories.  During my organizational frenzy, I came across Tim Rasinki’s book The Fluent Reader.  I read this book cover to cover over spring break one year and absolutely loved it!  I reopened the book once again, shook out some sand and read a few chapters.  Here’s a little snippet from the book.

According to Rasinski, “reading fluency refers to the ability of readers to read quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently with good, meaningful expression.”  Fluent readers are able to recognize many words by sight and, when coming upon an unknown word, able to decode the word quickly.  Because good readers read accurately and effortlessly, their mental energy can be devoted to figuring out the meaning of the text (comprehension) rather than trying to figure out the words.  Dr. Rasinski outlines four ways to build reading fluency.

1.  Model Good Oral Reading.  Reading to students in a natural manner models fluent reading.  Model and encourage students to pay attention to phrasing, expression, and pacing.  Too much emphasis on “word-perfect decoding sends a message that good reading is nothing more than accurate word recognition.”

2. Provide Oral Support for Readers.  Research has shown that when a reader reads and hears simultaneously a fluent reader read the same text, reading fluency and comprehension improves (Topping, 1995).  There are several different ways to accomplish this:  choral reading, paired reading and using recorded readings.  The book describes how to use these strategies and the research behind them in more detail.

3. Offer Plenty of Practice Opportunities.  As with learning any skill, such as learning to play piano or riding a bike, time practicing the skill is crucial.  To become a good reader, readers need practice reading.  The repeated reading strategy has been found to lead to significant increases in students’ fluency.  In our districts, we utilize the Read Naturally computer based program as one way to offer this strategy.  Students begin with a “cold” read of the text, a words correct per minute (wcpm) score is provided, students practice reading the text with and without a recording and when they feel they can read it fluently, they then do a “hot” read.  The computer program tracks their progress on each read.  I love this program, and certainly did not do it justice with that short explanation.  I’ll devote a blog on the program at a later date.

4.  Encourage Fluency through Paraphrasing.  Students need to learn to chunk text into phrases to help determine meaning.  Meaning lies in a text’s phrases and not just in its individual words.  Disfluent readers tend read word-by-word rather than chunk text into meaningful phrases.  Teaching students to pay attention to punctuation helps.

For more information on developing fluent readers, be sure to check out Tim Rasinki’s book.

Fluent Reader


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Mitten Math Freebie!

Mitten Match Math

Looking for a fun winter-themed activity for your math centers?  The Make, Take & Teach Mitten Match activity for addition may just do the trick.  Simply print, laminate and cut out the mittens and your center activity is ready to go.  Put a few clothespins in the storage container and have your students clip the problem and the answer.  They absolutely love it!


Just click the following link to download this freebie Mitten Match for Addition

If you like this activity, you may also enjoy the Mitten Match Rhyme activity.  This file contains 30 rhyming mitten pairs!


The Mitten Match Rhyming activity is available through my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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Word Family Penguins- Fun Winter Themed Activity for Teaching Word Families


Last year Kyle (fabulous artist) created these adorable penguins.  I absolutely fell in love with them.  I created a few activities for my kindergarten friends at that time using the penguins, but not so much for my first grade friends.  Well, many of my first grade kiddos are now working with word families and what a wonderful time of year to use these friendly little guys to create an activity.  When you download this file you will receive 21 word family ice cubes with over 200 corresponding penguins with the words.  This activity is ideal for either small group instruction or as an activity for your independent literacy centers.



21 word families and 200 penguins!  That’s quite a bit- so much so for our little ones to handle at once.  You will want to be sure differentiate this activity by choosing which and how many word families to use.

Word FamilyPengbp

The Make, Take & Teach Word Family Penguins activity is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.



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It’s a Cyber Sale! Time to Stock Up


I have to admit, I’m not much of a shopper.  Once, and only once, I braved the Black Friday crowds and vowed never to do it again.  That’s why I enjoy taking the advantage of all those sales right from the comfort of my own home.  I’ll be sure to be on my computer for all the great deals offered during the Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Sale December 1st and 2nd.   Most stores are offering a 28% discount, and for sure, I’ll be doing the same.  It’s a great time to stock up on all those activities that have been sitting in your wish-list folder.  Looking for suggestions?  Here are a few great deals:

The Big Box of Phonemic Awareness Activities contains over 500 colorful and engaging pictures for teaching the skills of Syllabication, Rhyme, Beginning Sounds, Onset-Rime, Sound Isolation and Phoneme Segmentation. 


If you like these activities, be sure to check out its companion, The Big Box of Phonics Activities.  This file contains over 500 engaging pictures designed to teach the following phonics skills: Short Vowels/Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words, Consonant Blends, Consonant Digraphs, Magic e, R-Controlled Vowels and Common Vowel Teams.


The TpT Cyber Sale is also a good time to consider the Cookie Sheet Activities Bundles.  Both the Cookie Sheet Bundle for Pre K – K and Cookie Sheet Bundle for First Grade will be deeply discounted!


Of course, the newly Bundled Write It Phonics Cards will be on sale too!


Happy shopping!  Be sure to use the Promo Code at checkout!



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Write It Phonics Cards Now Bundled!

Write It Phonics Cards Bundle.001

In the past year or so I’ve received tons of emails asking if I’d bundle the Write It Phonics Cards.  The Write It cards were one of the very first activities I created and I’ve not only wanted to bundle them, but update them as well.  I now have so many more pictures for each phonics concept.  The revised edition of the phonics cards now includes 59 pictures per set!  The cards are great for either small group instruction when introducing the concept or as an independent activity within your centers.  Simply print, laminate, cut the cards and then bind with a 2″ loose leaf ring.  Students write the correct letter(s) with a dry erase marker to correspond to the picture.  Just wipe clean and use over and over again!


 The Write It Phonics Cards Bundle is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

  Of course each set can be purchased separately.  If you interested in single phonics concepts, just click the link below:

Write It Phonics Cards for Beginning Sounds
Write It Phonics Cards for Ending Sounds
Write It Phonics Cards for Short Vowels
Write It Phonics Cards for Consonant Digraphs
Write It Phonics Cards for Consonant Blends
Write It Phonics Cards for Magic e
Write It Phonics Cards for R-Controlled Vowels
Write It Phonics Cards for Vowel Teams



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Free Phonics Cue Card

Phonics Cue Card

I’m so lucky to be working with kind and dedicated educators!  When my two school friends, Kim and Robin, asked me to create a cue card for them to use with their students, well of course, I was happy to do it.  They had cue cards for the letters and sounds and just needed something a little more advanced that would address long vowel sounds, digraphs and diphthongs.  The cue card is intended to be placed on student’s desks for reference during reading and writing activities.


Now when I showed another school friend the cue card she asked that I substitute the digraph pictures with the cues that we use when we are teaching digraphs.    If you’d like to check out the Digraphs Cue Card, just click HERE.  That’s why I created two versions of this cue card.  Feel free to download this cue card for use with your kiddos!

Cue Card with border

 To download this freebie just click the following link:  Phonics Cue Card

Hope you enjoy this freebie!



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Free Digraph Posters


Have you ever had a project that you’ve been meaning to get to, but for some reason it just lingers on in your to-do list?  That’s kind of how it was with these consonant digraphs posters.  They’ve just been sitting on desktop for literally over a year.   Well, my friend was helping me with a computer project and he literally gasped when he saw the mess of files on my desktop.  That was motivation enough to get to work on a few of those projects.




If you’d like to download these posters, just click HERE.  They are available for a free download in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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