Winter Themed File Folder Activities!

We just love winter up in northern Michigan (well, most of us). That’s what makes pulling out all those winter themed activities so much fun! The mitten match activities have been such a hit I thought it would be a good idea to transform them into file folder activities. Creating your file folder activities is […]

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More Ideas and Activities From Our Blog

Even MORE Fall Themed File Folder Activities!

I’m absolutely loving creating these file folder activities! File folder activities are great because they are hands on (our kids need and love that) and once they are assembled, all you need to do is just grab and go! All the materials are right there. I’ve already created file folders for rhyme and the alphabet […]

Candy Corn File Folder Activities

I just love file folder activities! With a little bit of work on the front end, you’ll have ready-made activities that will last for years. I’m in the process of creating seasonal file folder activities for the skills of rhyme and learning the alphabet for my little preschool and kindergarten friends. I started with the […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!

Fall Themed Acorn Activities for Rhyme and the Alphabet

Fall themed activities just wouldn’t be complete without acorn activities! These acorn themed activities are ideal for either small group instruction or independent centers when working on the skill of rhyme or letters/sounds. They can be easily differentiated as you choose which and how many acorns to use. When you download the acorn matching activity […]

Halloween 4 In A Row FREEBIE!

Kyle (fabulous artist) created these adorable 4-In-A-Row game board templates for the Halloween Themed 4-In-A-Row Sight Word Game and I just thought they would make for a cute math center too!  When you download this freebie you’ll receive 4 different math games for practicing basic addition and subtraction facts. The Four In A Row Math activity […]

Fall Themed File Folder Activities!

My fabulous artist, Kyle, made these adorable spiders a few years back. I just LOVE incorporating them into Halloween themed activities. I’m kind of on a file folder activity-making kick right now and thought they’d work fabulously for our rhyme and alphabet file folder matching games. The Spider File Folder for Rhyme activity contains templates […]

Fall Themed Scarecrow Activities

I just LOVE activities that contain a self-checking feature. These types of activities are ideal for independent centers! We created these adorable scarecrow rhyme, alphabet and CVC activities just for fall. You can easily differentiate these activities by choosing which and how many scarecrows to use. Here’s how the self-checking feature works for the alphabet […]

Fall Themed Math Bundle for Our Kindergarten and First Graders!

My goodness! Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to pull out all of our fall themed activities! The Make, Take & Teach K-1 Math bundle includes 13 fall themed activities designed to teach basic number concepts. Here are just a few of my favorites from this bundle! Of course an early numeracy […]

Even More! Fall Themed File Folder Activities

Kyle, my fabulous artist, has been working hard on our line of file folder activities. We just LOVE file folder activities! Once assembled and laminated they can be used over and over again. They’re also a great alternative to paper and pencil worksheets which is especially helpful for our little learners who really rely on […]

Apple Themed File Folder Activities

I just love file folder activities. Once laminated, they last for  years and years. They are so simple to store and all the materials are just right there! You’re not quite able to see it in these pictures, but I like to place a Velcro dot on the file folder above each basket and then […]

Fall Themed Sight Word Game Boards

Game boards are always a student-favorite activity. Teachers love them too as all that’s needed are a few game pawns and some dice. When you download the fall-themed game boards you will receive 9 colored game boards (4 different fall themed designs) containing words from the Dolch 220 sight word lists. Simply print and laminate- […]

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