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Teaching the Vowel Sounds of Y

There are so many phonics rules! It’s really amazing that most of our little ones are able to break the code and become fluent readers. After students learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet, we kind of rock their world a bit by teaching them that certain letters can have different sounds depending on […]

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More Ideas and Activities From Our Blog

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Robin’s Nest Addition FREEBIE

I’ve been doing a little computer “spring-cleaning” this past week and decided it was time to spruce up some of those older tried-and-true spring themed activities. Many of my kindergarten teacher friends have requested activities for addition facts to 10, so I started with the Robin’s Nest Addition activity. You can find this FREEBIE in my Teachers […]

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Fly Swat Activities!

I was strolling the aisles of the Dollar Tree the other week and came across this super adorable frog fly swatter! That was just enough motivation to pull out the fly swatting activities! Of course, any old fly swatter will do, but geez…. he’s just so cute! Many of my kindergarten friends are just learning […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!

Robins Nest Feature.001

Robin’s Nest Activities

Well, it’s mid April and you’d think that we’d be seeing quite a few robins in the yard, however, I live in Northern Michigan and the weather is anything but predictable. In fact a winter storm just passed through the area and schools that were not on spring break had a couple of snow days. […]

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Voice Level Chart FREEBIE!

It’s certainly not uncommon for young students to not understand appropriate voice levels during certain activities. We have 20 plus kiddos in a room and they really need to be taught when it’s appropriate to speak at a normal level, when it’s appropriate to whisper and then when silence is required. Teaching appropriate voice levels […]

Ice Cream Feature.001

Ice Cream Activities for Rhyme and the Alphabet

The Ice Cream Cone activity for rhyme has certainly been a hit with my kinder friends last year that I decided it was time to add an alphabet activity as well. Both activities are perfect for independent centers and you can easily differentiate the activities by choosing which and how many cones to use. When […]

Bunny Addition Feature.001

Spring Themed Math Activity- Bunny Addition

The Penguin Addition activity was such a hit that I thought I’d create a spring themed activity along the same line.  Goldfish crackers worked great as the manipulatives  for the penguins, but I just couldn’t find just the right manipulative for this activity until I stopped in at our local Walmart.  This package of foam […]

WOW Feature.001

Wild Old Words Phonics Bundle

So what are “Wild Old Words”?  Wild Old Words are “rule breaker” words.  Students are taught early on that a single vowel in a one syllable word is short, however, there is a small group of words that breaks that rule. These words are called Wild Old Words. It’s helpful to teach these words because […]

Basketball Feature .001

Basketball Themed Sight Word Bundle

Go Green! Go White! If you recognize that chant you’re probably guessing that I’m a Michigan State fan. I just love college sports and basketball is one of my favorites.  March Madness just started and the MSU Spartans are one of the favored teams. Whether you have a team headed to the tournament or not, incorporating […]

Bunny Match Feature.001

Bunny Match Activities for Spring Themed Centers!

Spring is just around the corner and it certainly has been fun working on spring themed activities! Although we still have snow on the ground and a thin layer of ice on the lake, the sights and sounds of spring are now just beginning to make an appearance. The penguin alphabet match and the penguin […]

Easter Egg Feature.001

Easter Egg Activities for Rhyme and Beginning Sounds

My little friend, Emmett, LOVES the Easter Egg Rhyme activity. Isn’t he just adorable! Emmett and his sister, Eleanor, are the children of my fabulous artist and they are often the first to try new Make, Take & Teach activities. The Easter Egg activity for rhyme is a perfect spring themed activity for learning this […]

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