Beginning of the Year Inspiration!

One of my teacher friends had this quote hanging above her computer.  Every Monday when I visited her classroom I would make it a point read the quote.  It  just set the tone for my week and was a gentle reminder of the power we have as teachers in the lives of children.   Teaching […]

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More Ideas and Activities From Our Blog

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Teachers Pay Teachers BONUS Sale!

Wow! What a surprise. Teachers Pay Teachers is extending their Best Year Ever Sale for one day- August 22nd. It’s a great time to stock up on all those bundled activities. Here are a few suggestions: The Write-It Phonics Cards have certainly been a favorite with both teachers and students. This bundle contains Write-It cards […]


Activities for Teaching the oa/ow/oe Digraphs

When teaching a phonics skill it’s often helpful to use a key word and picture to help the students remember the sound to the letter combinations. For the oa/ow/oe phonics bundle, my fabulous artist created these “bubble” themed borders and game boards and they turned out absolutely adorable! I just love them! This phonics bundle contains […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!

CVC BAW Feature.001

CVC Word Building Activity

As students are learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet it is important that they use the letters to read and write words. They need to understand that letters represent sounds and that the sounds combine to make words. At this stage in reading instruction we introduce CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. CVC word building cards are […]

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Even More Resources for Teaching Magic e

Shortly after learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet, students learn that the vowel sounds have both a long and short sound. One way to make the vowel say its name (long vowel) is to have the “magic e” at the end of the word. An “e” at the end of a short word […]


It’s a Back To School Sale!

Oh my goodness! Is it that time again? The annual Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale . This year the sale runs from Monday to Tuesday (that’s the 1st and 2nd). It’s a great time to stock up on all those activities that have been hanging around in your shopping cart. You get the biggest bang for your […]


File Folder Sight Word Activities!

The Dolch Sight Word list is a list of 220 words that make up between 50-70% of the words we encounter in text. Most of these words are “service words” that must be quickly recognized in order to read fluently. Many of the Dolch sight words cannot be “sounded out” and they need to learned […]

File Folder Phonics 7.16Feature.001

File Folder Phonics Bundled!

These file folder activities have been super helpful in providing added practice with targeted phonics skills. They are perfect for independent centers! There’s a little bit of assembly required, but once laminated the file folders will last for years and years! To keep the file folders organized I picked up these handy file folder storage […]

LSVS Feature.001

Teaching Long and Short Vowel Sounds

Shortly after students master the letters and sounds of the alphabet we teach that several letters actually make two sounds. The vowels (a, e, i, o and u) can make a short sound, as the sound /a/ in the word “cat”, or a long sound as in the word “train”. Before teaching the spelling patterns […]

LVWS Feature.001

Teaching Long Vowel Spelling Patterns

Those tricky vowel sounds! Shortly after students learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet we introduce the concept that some letters, when placed together (vowel digraph), make the long vowel sound. For example, when the letters “ai” appear together, they make the long a sound as in the word “snail”. “ay” also makes the […]

cupcake freebie2.001

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Cupcake FREEBIE!

Ever in need of a quick little activity to support learning CVC words? This cupcake match activity might just do the trick. It’s super simple to assemble. Just print the cupcakes and the recording form. Have your students match the beginning consonant to the word family to see how many words they can make! Fun […]

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