10 Engaging Activities for Teaching Homophones


Teaching and learning homophones can be tons of fun!  Many reading programs introduce the concept of homophones in second grade.  Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have a different meaning.  Students need to be able to tell the difference in the meanings of these words and to use the correct spelling in their writing.  If students misspell words or use the wrong word in writing, the reader is not likely to understand what they are trying to say.

Of course, using hands-on activities to teach any skill is preferable to worksheet drill and practice.  The Make, Take & Teach Complete Activity Pack for Teaching Homophones includes 10 engaging activities for teaching 65 common homophones.  My favorite activity this pack is the Homophone Pear Matching activity.  There are 72 homophone pairs of pears!  Of course you’d want to differentiate this activity by choosing which and how many pears to use during small group instruction or within your literacy centers.


Homophone posters and teaching cards are provided for direct instruction. You may also wish to place several posters around the classroom while teaching this skill.

Homophones 2.001

Activities such as the Homophone Vocabulary Puzzles,  4- In- A- Row, game boards, memory and I Have- Who Has are ideal for added practice during independent literacy centers.


This his activity pack is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store. It is also available on the Make, Take & Teach website.

 Have fun teaching those homophones!



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