Welcome To My Walmart

 I’ve had so many emails asking where in Walmart I found those cute little flower and frog containers.  I thought I’d take you right into my very own Walmart and show you exactly where you can find them.

My new teacher friend, Sara, sent me these two files to share with you.  They are an extension of the digraph and vowel sorting activities that she has added to her literacy centers.  Great idea, Sara!

Click the following link to download Sara’s extension to the Frog Digraph Sorting Activity.  Frog Digraphs-Recording Sheet

Click the following link to download Sara’s extension to the Flower Vowel Sorting Activity. Short Vowel Flower Sort-Recording Sheet

New teacher friend, Natalie, also shared two activities that she uses in her small group intervention.  Click the following links to download these activities.  Real or Nonsense Word, Easter Egg Long Short Vowel Sort

Check out Marsha’s Easter activity using the plastic egg holders at the Differentiated Kindergarten Blog.

Thanks to Sara and Natalie for sharing.  A special thanks goes out my teenage daughter, Lizzie, who helped with the video.  If you ever find a need to embarrass your children, have them video tape you in Walmart.  Just made it all the more fun!


Bunny Hop Sight Word Game Boards

Game boards are always a favorite activity for practicing skills during literacy centers.  Even more fun than a regular game board is a HUGE classroom sized game board!  Kyle (my very talented graphic artist) created these bunny feet to make the perfect game board for celebrating spring and Easter.  She even drew a Start, End and a “rabbit’s hole” so when a player lands on that space, he’ll have to take two steps back.

Click the following link to download a free classroom sized game board for the Dolch sight word list one.  Bunny Feet Classroom Sized Game Board List 1

If you don’t have the space, you can always use regular game boards.  Click on the following link for the table sized game board for the Dolch sight word list 1. Bunny Sight Word Game List 1

Loud, rolling and flying dice make using game boards a classroom headache?  I saw this clever little invention in one of my schools the other week.  It’s a plastic dome for your dice.  The bottom snaps off so you can add as many or as few dice as you want.  The dice domes are available at Amazon.com.

We also made full sets of both the classroom sized and table sized game boards so that the activity can be differentiated for your students.

Click HERE to download the full 220 Dolch sight word lists 1-9 Classroom Sized Bunny Feet Game Boards.

Click HERE to download the table sized game boards for the Dolch sight word lists 1-9.


A Springtime Activity for Sorting Consonant Digraphs

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been neglecting my first and second grade teaching friends lately by posting bunches of early reading activities.   When I purchased those cute little flower boxes at Walmart for the Springtime Vowel Sorting, I couldn’t help but pick up a few of those adorable frogs.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at the time.  So, thinking about what I can make for first grade, I came up with a consonant digraph sorting activity.

Click HERE to download the free consonant digraphs pictures.

Click the following link to download directions for differentiating this activity. Differentiating the Frog Consonant Digraph Sorting Activity

I also have other consonant blends and digraphs activities available.  Feel free to check out these items:  Consonant Blends and Digraphs Game Boards, Consonant Blends and Digraphs Dominoes, free Consonant Digraphs Visual Chart.


Cupcake Memory Game

I can hardly walk through the seasonal section of any store lately without filling my cart with fun items to make games!  My newest and greatest fun find are these cute little candy filled cupcakes I found at Walmart.     They are really meant for filling Easter baskets, but will absolutely make the best ever memory game.  There are a total of 28 little plastic cupcakes.  Simply print the page on a full size label (Avery 48165), cut out the little rhyming stickers and place them on the bottom of the cupcakes.  Your students will love this new twist on a favorite game.

 Click on the following link to download your free stickers for the cupcakes. Cupcake Rhyme Memory Game

Okay, as I am learning not all the Walmart stores carry the same items.  So, if you cannot find the cute little plastic cupcakes, I have included printed memory cards.  Print the stickers above and place them on the back of the cards.  Click the following link for printed cupcakes.  Cupcake Rhyming Cards

I’ve also heard that Target carries many of the same Easter items, so if can’t find the cupcakes at your local Walmart head on over to Target.


The Cookie Sheet Challenge!


It all started with a cookie sheet.  I was observing a student in a kindergarten classroom during literacy center time and in one of the centers the teacher placed magnetic letters on a cookie sheet and the students made words with the letters.  Clever– I’ve seen cookie sheets on Pinterest before and really hadn’t paid much attention.  After leaving the classroom I wondered how many activities can I come up with using a simple cookie sheet.  So my weekend started with a trip to our Habitat for Humanity Restore- hum, no cookie sheets.  No luck at Goodwill and no luck at the Salvation Army.  Couldn’t believe it.  So I traveled over to Walmart and they had cookie sheets for only 88 cents!  I purchased two and a can of Rust-Oleum navy blue high gloss paint for metal.  You really don’t need to paint the cookie sheets, but I have a thing for color coordination.

First use of my newly painted cookie sheet:  ABC Order.  In this activity, the students are given magnetic letters and they simply put the letters in order.  For students who will have difficulty putting all the letters in order, differentiate the activity by placing several letters in strategic positions on the cookie sheet first.  I purchase my magnetic letters online from Banks School Supply as I like the shape of the letters.  Magnetic letters purchased at the dollar store work great.

Click the link to download a template of upper and lowercase letter templates. Cookie Sheet Challenge ABCOrder Upper- and Lowercase Letters

Second use of my newly painted cookie sheet:  A Rhyming Activity.   I had old business card magnets (you know the kind where you peel off the sticker and stick on a business card for a refrigerator magnet).  I was able to cut 15 small magnets from each card and stick them on the back of the pictures.

Click the link to download two rhyming templates with pictures. Cookie Sheet Challenge Rhyme Activities

Third use of my painted cookie sheet:  A Word Building CVC Activity.  Using those same plastic magnet letters, students build CVC words.

Click the link to download two word building activities with and without the printed words. Cookie Sheet Challenge Making Words Activities

Still a lot of paint left in my paint can!  I am on a mission.  We’ll see how many more activities I can develop until my paint runs out.  Stay tuned!

If you find that you like the Cookie Sheet Challenge activities, click HERE .  You can find the full 41 page version of volume 1 in my TpT store.


Here are other versions of the Cookie Sheet Activities:

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2: Number Order, Number Concepts
Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 3: Sight Words
Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 4: Beginning Sounds and Short Vowels
Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 5: Consonant Blends and Digraphs
Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 6: Word Families

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