Alphabetic Principle Activity Pack and Intervention Kit


Thanks for stopping by and checking out the activities contained within the Make, Take & Teach Alphabetic Principle Activity Pack and Intervention Kit.  The activities contained in the pack and kit are ideal for your small group intervention and are aligned with the DIBELS Next assessments and early literacy assessments commonly administered in schools.  We know that all children learn best with a hands-on approach to teaching and learning.  The activities contained in the printable pack and intervention kit are hands-on activities.  This means that you’ll have to gather some materials to assemble several of the activities.  If you purchase the intervention kit, I’ve provided all the printables and materials for you all contained in a sturdy Sterilite container.   The pack/kit contains 19 activities all designed to teach sound-symbol correspondence and beginning blending.  A 19 page teaching manual is included complete with an assessment and step-by-step directions for each activity.


The first activity focuses on the skill of alphabetic order.  Three templates are included where students can match upper- to uppercase letters, lower- to lowercase letters, uppercase to lowercase letters or order letters without a visual cue.  This activity is easily differentiated as you decide how many letters to place on the board.


Five multi-sensory activities are contained within the activity pack/kit.  Printable multi-sensory cards are used as templates to assist in correct letter formation.


Mirrors and phonics phones are staple items in any small group instruction area.  Mirrors help students use visual cues to assist in correct sound production and phones provide amplification to assist with sound discrimination.


Make drill and practice  fun with the Fiddle Sticks activity and the Beat the Clock activity.  Fiddle Sticks is a face paced game which provides multiple opportunities for response.


Students can practice upper- to lowercase matching with this classic game of memory.  Again, this activity can be easily differentiated as you choose how many letters to use.


Students practice matching letters to beginning sounds with a fun game of Dominoes.  These dominoes are easy to assemble.


Included in the activity pack/intervention kit are 100 bright and colorful pictures that are used for sound sorting activities.  A minimum of 4 pictures for each letter is provided (x not included).  This activity is easily differentiated as you choose which letters and how many letter sounds are to be sorted.


11 Clip the Letter cards are included in your activity pack/intervention kit.  Why not squeeze in a little fine motor practice into a reading-related activity.  For the Clip the Letter activity, students choose the correct beginning or ending sound on the card.


A fun game of Bingo is a great way of practicing letters and sounds.  You’ll need a few players and a few bingo chips.


This time the memory game addresses the skill of beginning sound matching.  Students just love the colorful pictures!


Tee It Up for Sounds is a teacher-favorite!  There are 32 Tee It Up cards contained in the activity pack/intervention kit- 16 addressing beginning sounds and 16 for ending sounds.  Students place the tee through the hole of the beginning sound.  They then turn the card over.  If the tee is poking through the hole with the red circle, the answer is correct.  The self-checking feature of this activity makes it an ideal activity for literacy centers.


Word Change is a great activity when teaching students that a change in one letter creates a new word.  Students manipulate the letter tiles to create the pictured words.


The ABC Turtle activity is a fun little game for practicing beginning sounds.  Students try to be the first player to cover all the pictures on their turtle.


The activity pack/interevention contains two sets of flashcards.  The first set includes key words for our little ones just learning letters and sounds.  The second set contains only the printed letters.


The RtI Alphabetic Principle Activity Pack is jam packed with activities designed to teach and practice sound-symbol correspondence.  The printable activity pack contains 104 pages!  This activity pack is available through my online TpT store.

Just in case you’re not so sure you want to print and gather the materials, I’ve done it all for you!  When you order the Make, Take & Teach Alphabetic Principle Kit you’ll receive all the printables and materials needed to assemble your activities.  The activities are printed in color and on 90 lb cardstock.   When you order the kit, the activities are printed in triplicate for use during small group instruction.


The Alphabetic Principle Intervention Kit is available through my TpT store .

Don’t worry, parents, I didn’t forget about you!  You play such an important role in your child’s education.  The Make, Take & Teach Alphabetic Principle Kit is also available for single users.  The kit contains 10 activities.


Click HERE to order the Alphabetic Principle Kit for Parents.

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