Apple Themed Activities for Learning the Alphabet and Rhyme

apple alphabet activities

I just love fall! There’s nothing more fun than pulling out all those apple, pumpkin and scarecrow themed activities out of the closet. Last year I gathered all the apple themed literacy activities and placed them in this Sterilite container for super easy access. They fit perfectly! The containers are 15″L x 11 1/2″W x 3 1/4″H and can be found at your local Walmart. I created a label to fit the side. Just click the link below if you’re interested in storing activities this way too.


If you’d like to download this label, just click the following link: Apple Themed Label

So, now what’s in that container? Well, there are the five interactive activities from the Early Literacy Bundle. The first activity addresses the skill of rhyme. This activity contains 30 rhyming matches. Of course, you’ll want to differentiate the activity when working with your students by choosing which and how many rhyming matches to use.

apple rhyme

The Apple Beginning Sound Match activity contains over 120 colorful apples with pictures of beginning sounds! Simply choose which letters/sounds you’d like to use and gather the corresponding apples. This activity is great for centers as well as small group instruction!

26 upper- and lowercase letters printed on apples is also included. These apples can be used as flashcards, upper- to lowercase matching activity or as an activity for practicing ABC order.

apple alphabet

Kyle, my awesome artist, designed these cute little worms for our apples. I just love them! They are just ideal for a simple little matching activity. There are two different matching activities- one upper- to lowercase and the other a beginning sound match.

apple alphabet

apple alphabet

There are 15 differentiated game boards (5 different games targeting different letters) in the Alphabet Apple Game. Students try to be the first player to cover all the pictures on their tree. Just a fun little game for practicing beginning sounds.

The Apple Themed Early Literacy Bundle can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

The Apple CVC Sliders is another activity that I jammed into that Sterilite container. This activity is great for building words using the short vowel sounds. There is an apple for each vowel and 65 worm sliders for creating words!

cvc words

The Apple Themed CVC Word Sliders can also be found in my online TpT store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

Happy fall!





apple themed activities

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