DIY Notepads

My scrap drawer was overflowing! What am I to do with all that paper??  Well, I just can't bring myself to throw it all away, but certainly I didn't need all that scrap paper myself.  So, in the spirit of recycling I decided to make my own notepads.  Okay, I know, it's nothing … [Read more...]

So You Think You Can Draw…..

Years ago my youngest daughter was taking piano lessons. On the wall above the piano at her teacher's home hung a poster that read "If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance".  I love that quote.  Every week while waiting for her lesson to end, I read that … [Read more...]

DIY Number Puzzles

I've been seeing number puzzles all over Pinterest.  These puzzles are ideal for independent centers for working with number order.  They've been printing the  puzzles on card stock and cutting and the pieces.  That's a great idea, but I thought if we created the puzzles on craft … [Read more...]

Flipping Pancakes!

It's important to add a little variety into our small group instruction and into our literacy center activities.  Sometimes just adding a little twist to a drill and practice activity can do the trick.  The Flipping Pancakes activity is super easy to make and guaranteed to keep … [Read more...]