Bouncy Bands- Great Tool for Your Students Who Need to Move!


I love it when we can find a super cheap and efficient way to meet the needs of our students.  For students with ADHD we often recommend tools such as sissel seats, therapy balls and fidgets for use in the classroom to allow students to move and, hopefully, maintain attention to instruction.   These items are often so expensive, and with our ever dwindling school budgets, well, need I say more?  A few weeks back, Scott Ertl contacted me and asked if I would try out his new Bouncy Bands.  Scott is an elementary school counselor in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and works with students and teachers in developing plans for helping students succeed in the classroom.  When I first received the Bouncy Bands in the mail I immediately shared them with our Occupational Therapists.  Our OTs have used therapy bands (again expensive) and tied them between the legs of the desks.  One issue with this is that the therapy bands easily slide down.  They thought the idea of using the PVC pipe was pretty clever.  I love the idea of using recycled bicycle tires.  They are much more durable than the therapy bands and provide more resistance.  Best part– they’re FREE!


 So, making the Bouncy Bands is really easy.  Simply purchase a 10 foot length 1 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe.  Cut the pipe into 9″ long pieces.  You can get 13 pieces from one tube (that’s enough for 6 desks).  Now visit your local bike shop and ask for a donation of used bicycle inner tubes.  They are so happy to help–be sure to tell them it’s for your classroom.  Now you’ll just need to cut the inner tube.  Cut the nozzle and then the tube into a 34-36″ strip.


Once your materials are ready, just slide the PVC pipe on the legs on the desk and tie the inner tube in place.  Super easy and super cheap.  You can make a whole classroom set for about $20!

If you’d like more information on how to use and make the Bouncy Bands be sure to visit Scott’s website.  Just click HERE or on the picture below.  If you don’t wish to make your own, Scott has an order form on his site and you can simply purchase one or even a classroom set.


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  1. Tracy says

    I love this idea! I borrowed the chair pads from a teacher last year and they worked great. My students are seated at tables. How could I set the bands up, since students do not have their own desks?

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