Bowling for Sight Words

Bowling pins

Horray!  The bowling pins are back on the shelves at Walmart!  Last year I found these adorable bowling pins and decided to create a hand-on activity for learning and practicing sight words.  While they’re not exactly the same bowling pins as I originally purchased last year, they certainly will do the trick.  To create your sight word bowling pins simply print the pdf file below on an Avery label 8161 (1″x4″) and place the desired stickers on the bowling pins.

Bowling copy

To play the game, have the students take turns bowling and reading the words on the pins that were knocked down.  If the word is read correctly, he/she can keep the bowling pin.  Just a fun little game to keep learning sight words enjoyable.

Avery Sight Words

Click the following link to download this freebie Sight Word Stickers Lists 1-3




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