Bowling For Sight Words

Kids love playing games.  So why not incorporate teaching and practicing sight words into active and fun activities designed to keep them engaged while still learning!   Bowling for Sight Words is a kid-endorsed, absolutely awesome game for practicing sight words.  This bowling set was found at my favorite store (that would be Walmart, of course) in the toy department.  I created the stickers using the labels tab in Microsoft Word and then simply placed a sticker on each bowling pin.   To play this game, students take turns “bowling for sight words” and reading the words on the pins they knock down.  They can keep score if they wish, but it’s just as fun taking turns without keeping track.

To make the sight word stickers you will need Avery 8161  1″x4″labels

Click the following link to download free sight word labels for lists 1-3 Sight Word Stickers Lists 1-3



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    • Julie says

      Hi Sharon- It would depend upon the students and how quickly they learn the words. Once the words are mastered, you can either peel the sticker off or add another sticker to each pin and they’ll have to read both words when the pin is knocked down.

  1. Andrea says

    I like the concept…but for that many words you would have to have several sets of bowling pins…….OR do you have an idea to change out the words

  2. Julie says

    I only have one set. You can either change out the words or add words to the bowling pins. So, you could have 2-3 words on a pin if your students can handle it. To differentiate the activity, you could also place 4 stickers on a pin and color code the stickers. Have one student read the words with one color and the other student read the words with another color. There’s a few ways to do it. It’ll depend on your students. 🙂 Happy bowling.

  3. Lee Ann says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. I am going to attach the words with velcro so that I will be able to change the words when needed.

  4. Mary says

    What a cute idea! I think,I will use the plastic sleeves used for name plates so that I can change the words as often as needed. Then I can just slide a new card in. I might use this for letters or sounds as wel!


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