Another Fabulous Walmart Find!

It's another fabulous Walmart find in the school supply section!  These dry erase pocket charts were only $1.97!  I love 'em.  They're great for small group intervention.  It's a fun alternate to paper-pencil worksheets and quite a paper-saver.  All you do is place your sheet in … [Read more...]

Pocket Chart Pictures

I love going into stores during their back-to-school sales!  I especially love perusing the aisles of Walmart and our local dollar stores.  There's always super cheap items that can be used or changed into activities for our little kiddos.  Just last week I found these pocket … [Read more...]

D.I.Y. Tactile Letters

It's somewhat of a mixed blessing living in a small town.  I love where I live, but outside of Walmart and Meijer, there really isn't much terms of shopping.  It's always a treat, though, when I get to travel to a "big city" about an hour from my home and visit the Michael's … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Matching Activities

I just can't believe Easter is just around the corner!  Seeing all those wonderful Easter and spring themed ideas all over Pinterest is really getting me in the mood for spring.   I received so much positive feedback from the candy corn activity that we posted around halloween … [Read more...]