DIY Notepads

My scrap drawer was overflowing! What am I to do with all that paper??  Well, I just can't bring myself to throw it all away, but certainly I didn't need all that scrap paper myself.  So, in the spirit of recycling I decided to make my own notepads.  Okay, I know, it's nothing … [Read more...]

DIY Number Puzzles

I've been seeing number puzzles all over Pinterest.  These puzzles are ideal for independent centers for working with number order.  They've been printing the  puzzles on card stock and cutting and the pieces.  That's a great idea, but I thought if we created the puzzles on craft … [Read more...]

DIY Dry Erase Slant Boards

Okay, I've come to the frightening conclusion that I don't really have a life (just kidding, of course).  My kids think it's absolutely silly how excited I can get over new items we find in the aisles of Walmart.  I was shopping at a Walmart out of town and found these dry erase … [Read more...]

D.I.Y. Wax Covered Yarn

I love using Wikki Stix for multi-sensory activities.  Wikki Stix are simply wax covered yarn that can be shaped.  It's great to use when teaching letters or sight words as the students shape the yarn into letters.   Although Play-Doh is an awesome multi-sensory activity, the … [Read more...]

D.I.Y. Tactile Letters

It's somewhat of a mixed blessing living in a small town.  I love where I live, but outside of Walmart and Meijer, there really isn't much terms of shopping.  It's always a treat, though, when I get to travel to a "big city" about an hour from my home and visit the Michael's … [Read more...]