Write It Phonics Cards Now Bundled!

Write It Phonics Cards Bundle.001

In the past year or so I’ve received tons of emails asking if I’d bundle the Write It Phonics Cards.  The Write It cards were one of the very first activities I created and I’ve not only wanted to bundle them, but update them as well.  I now have so many more pictures for each phonics concept.  The revised edition of the phonics cards now includes 59 pictures per set!  The cards are great for either small group instruction when introducing the concept or as an independent activity within your centers.  Simply print, laminate, cut the cards and then bind with a 2″ loose leaf ring.  Students write the correct letter(s) with a dry erase marker to correspond to the picture.  Just wipe clean and use over and over again!


 The Write It Phonics Cards Bundle is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

  Of course each set can be purchased separately.  If you interested in single phonics concepts, just click the link below:

Write It Phonics Cards for Beginning Sounds
Write It Phonics Cards for Ending Sounds
Write It Phonics Cards for Short Vowels
Write It Phonics Cards for Consonant Digraphs
Write It Phonics Cards for Consonant Blends
Write It Phonics Cards for Magic e
Write It Phonics Cards for R-Controlled Vowels
Write It Phonics Cards for Vowel Teams



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Free Phonics Cue Card

Phonics Cue Card

I’m so lucky to be working with kind and dedicated educators!  When my two school friends, Kim and Robin, asked me to create a cue card for them to use with their students, well of course, I was happy to do it.  They had cue cards for the letters and sounds and just needed something a little more advanced that would address long vowel sounds, digraphs and diphthongs.  The cue card is intended to be placed on student’s desks for reference during reading and writing activities.


Now when I showed another school friend the cue card she asked that I substitute the digraph pictures with the cues that we use when we are teaching digraphs.    If you’d like to check out the Digraphs Cue Card, just click HERE.  That’s why I created two versions of this cue card.  Feel free to download this cue card for use with your kiddos!

Cue Card with border

 To download this freebie just click the following link:  Phonics Cue Card

Hope you enjoy this freebie!



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Free Digraph Posters


Have you ever had a project that you’ve been meaning to get to, but for some reason it just lingers on in your to-do list?  That’s kind of how it was with these consonant digraphs posters.  They’ve just been sitting on desktop for literally over a year.   Well, my friend was helping me with a computer project and he literally gasped when he saw the mess of files on my desktop.  That was motivation enough to get to work on a few of those projects.




If you’d like to download these posters, just click HERE.  They are available for a free download in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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Teaching the Hard and Soft “C” and “G”

Our little first graders will soon be introduced to the two sounds of  “c” and “g”.  Those two consonants are a bit tricky as they make different sounds depending upon the letter that follows in the word.  We typically teach students that the “hard” sounds of “c” and “g” occur most often, but they do need to know when these letters make the “soft” sound.  We tell the students that when the letter “c” is followed by the letters i, e or y, the “c” makes the /s/ sound just like in the words “city”, “cent” and “icy”.

Hard Soft Cblogpic

The letter “g” is similar.  When the “g” is followed by an i, e or y it makes the /j/ sound as in “gem”, “gist” or “gym”.  Visuals often help students to remember phonics rules.  You may find these posters helpful when you are teaching this rule.  When you click the link below, you’ll be able to download 6 posters!

Hard Soft Gblogpic

 To download these posters, just click the following link:  Hard and Soft G and C Posters

We often reinforce and re-teach phonics rules during small group instruction/intervention.  Tent cards often come in handy.  If you’d like, download this file and just fold the card in half.  It’s perfect for your small group instruction table.


To download this tent card, just click the following link:  Hard and Soft G and C Tent Card

I created this activity just for my first grade friends.  The sorting activity is great for small group instruction when introducing the concept.  It also has a self checking feature which makes it ideal for added practice in literacy centers.  When you download this activity you will receive two sorting mats and 69 colorful cards containing words and pictures with the hard and soft “c” and “g”.

HardSoftCGblogpic   HardSoftcover

 The Make, Take & Teach Sort and Hard “C” and “G” Sorting Activities is available through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

When teaching phonics and spelling rules,  it’s very important the student apply the rules right away in text.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many books available that target this specific skill, but I did find a few.  You may want to check out these books on Amazon.


Cindy, Cedric, and the Circus, Cat and Dog at the Circus and Giant Giraffes

 Hope you find the freebies helpful.


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Teaching Contractions

In our everyday speech we use contractions.  Contractions are a kind of “short cut” in the way we use words to communicate.  Think about it for a bit.  If you were going to tell a friend that you aren’t going to lunch, are you likely to say, “I am not going to lunch” or “I’m not going to lunch”?  Because we use these words so often in our speech, it’s important that we teach students how to use the words in writing.  Teaching contractions can be fun and there are tons of great activities to use to support this concept.

When introducing the idea of contractions, it’s helpful to begin by defining the word “contract”.  “Contract” means to get smaller or shorter.  So, when we are using a contraction, we are making the words “shorter”.  A simple way to explain it is to say that a contraction is “a shorter way to say two words.”  Oh, and that apostrophe– it fills the space of those missing letters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 6.17.23 PM

 Just click the following link to download this freebie Contractions Poster

Here are a few of my favorite activities for learning and practicing contractions.  The Cupcake Contractions activity contains 43 cupcake contractions.  The contraction cupcake matching activity is a fun introductory activity for contractions and is ideal for independent centers.

Contractions Match2bp

It’s important to transfer the skill right away into writing.  This activity also contains 43 cupcakes where the students are to write the correct contraction for the words below.  Just laminate the cupcakes and use over and over again.

Contractions Writebp


The Make, Take & Teach Cupcake Contractions activity is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The File Folder Phonics Bundle also includes several activities for learning and practicing contractions.  Here’s an example of the matching activity and there is also an extension activity for writing.

ffpcont copy


The Make, Take & Teach File Folder Phonics for Contractions is also available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Books are also great for introducing a concept.  Here are two great books that you may wish to check out.

Contraction book 1

I’m and Won’t, They’re and Don’t: What’s a Contraction? is available through Amazon.

Contraction Book 2

You can also find If You Were a Contraction on Amazon too!


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Halloween Themed Activities Perfect for Centers!

Halloween Blog Post.001


Well, the calendar turned to October and that means Halloween is just around the corner.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  The children just love it when we introduce a little holiday themed activities into small groups and centers.  Here are a few of my old favorites.

Rhyming Memory Game 

I love Michael’s Craft Store.  They always have so many fun holiday themed items that can be changed into educational activities.  I found these holiday themed discs that, with a little creativity, can be turned into an awesome holiday themed rhyming activity.  It’s a new twist on an old favorite- Memory.  To make this activity, simply print the pdf below on a full size Avery label, cut the rhyming stickers and place on the back side of each plastic disc.


Here’s a picture of how the flying discs are packaged.  The discs are made by Creatology just in case you’d like to look online.

If you can’t find the discs, no worries.  Michaels also has foam pumpkin cut-outs that’d work just fine too.

Halloween Rhyming Discsblog

Click the following link to download this FREE pdf  Halloween Rhyming Memory Game

Spider Web Game

Do you have those very special go-to activities?  The spider web game is definitely one of mine.  I started my career as a Speech and Language Pathologist many years ago and the spider web game was one of the first games I made.  My very dear friend and mentor, Jill, introduced me to this game as she was using it with her students working on specific sounds.  I quickly made one of my own for my therapy sessions.  This game was so much fun the kiddos started asking to play it in September and kept wanting to play it through Thanksgiving.  This activity is so versatile, I just adapted it for use with sight words.

Spider Web Game

To create your own game, you’ll have to make a spider web.  All you’ll need is poster board and a black Sharpie marker.  You can make your web any size you wish, but I wanted mine to fit on the table so I cut my poster board into a 14″ x 16″ rectangle.  This way I have 2″ at the top to put my title.  Now print the word cards on cardstock and the title and spiders on a full sized Avery label (you can also use office paper and then glue them on).  Cut out the word cards and the spiders.  Now place the small spiders on the lines of the web.  Be sure to put at least 2 spiders on each level of the web and one spider on a line going into the center.

To play the game have each player place their game marker on the outside layer of the web on a space without a spider.  Players take turns drawing a card, reading the word, and then moving the marker the number of spaces listed on the word card.  If the player lands on a space with a spider, he/she can move to the next inside layer.  Players continue taking turns reading words and moving their markers within the layers.  The first player to reach the center of the web wins.

When you download this activity you’ll receive word cards with all 220 sight words, the title and spiders needed to make the game, and the directions for making your own spider web.


This activity is available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Just for my first grade friends, we made the Spider Web Game for practicing consonant-vowel-consonat words. This activity is also available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Candy Corn Games

Kyle (fabulous artist) did such a wonderful job designing these candy corns.  I just love them- and the kiddos do too!  They were such a hit last school year.  This year I added the vocabulary activity.  They are super easy to make.  Simply print the candy corns on card stock and cut them into three separate pieces.  That’s it!  Your center activity is all set.


The Candy Corn Alphabet activity is perfect for students just learning letters and sounds.  Students match the beginning sound to both the upper- and lowercase letters.

Candy Corn Alphabetprevpg17.13

 The Candy Corn Alphabet activity is available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Many of our preschoolers and kindergarteners need extra practice with rhyme.  Rhyming activities help students develop critical phonemic awareness skills.  When you download this activity you’ll receive 16 colorful rhyming candy corns.


The Candy Corn Rhyme activity is also available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through the online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Candy Corn RhymePortprevpg1The Candy Corn Vocabulary activity is ideal for our little preschoolers, students with language delays or students learning English.  When you download this activity you’ll receive 24 colorful candy corns with pictures that “go-together”.   Not only can you have your students match and name the pictures, you can also have them say why they think those pictures are matched.  Great activity for expanding oral language.


The Candy Corn Go Togethers activity designed for vocabulary is available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.



Eyeball Bingo

Last year I found these really cool eyeball ping pong balls at our local dollar store and decided to make a holiday-themed bingo activity.  Feel free to download the free Eyeball Bingo game boards to create your own center activity.


These ping pong eyeballs are $1 for a package of 8.  To make this activity, you’ll need 5 packages for a total of 40 balls.  If you cannot find these balls, regular ping pong balls will do and you can draw the eyeballs on with red, blue and black Sharpie markers.   I purchased a plastic pot at the dollar store to store the balls for this activity.

When you download this file you’ll receive six Eyeball Bingo boards.  I’ve also included the CVC word list so that you can write the words on the eyeballs.

Click the following link to download your free eyeball bingo game Eyeball Bingo

Monster Addition

I asked my fabulous artist, Kyle, to whip up a few cute little monsters.  I have to say I’m lovin’ that adorable one-eyed red monster.  I hoping to use him in another Halloween-themed activity.  The Monster Addition game is great for practicing math facts to 20.

Click HERE to download the Monster Addition activity from my TpT store


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