Christmas Break in Northern Michigan

Well, Christmas break is coming to an end soon.  Although I love working, I really appreciate both Christmas and spring break.  Especially now that two of my three children are away at college, it’s so much fun having them home.  Not only do I have both my college kiddos home, but there’s a steady stream of old friends in and out of the house.  I missed my kids, I’ve missed their friends and the flurry of activity that surround them.  I knew it would happen and I was prepared.  Upon coming home, their first priority was not to spend time with mom.  They were home a few hours and then went off with their friends.  Fortunately, they were able to squeeze in a few hours to go cross country skiing with me.


These are my two college kids.  AJ is a sophomore at Michigan State University (Go Green-Go White!) majoring in chemistry and Kassie is a freshman at Saginaw Valley State University and plans to go into special education.

Just a little side note- on our cross country skiing adventure we did the five mile “difficult” loop!  Have to admit I took a spill (actually 2) on one of the downhill slopes.


Although this is first and foremost a teaching blog, sometimes I think it doubles as a promotion for Northern Michigan.  I LOVE where I live!  There’s so much to do.  I took this pic while out in the woods.  It was so peaceful.  I really do need to pull myself away from the computer more and travel out to the woods.


If you love where you live or if you did something really cool over your Christmas break, please leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.  Enjoy the remaining few days of your vacation.  Have a happy new year!

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