CVC Word Building Activity

CVC Words

As students are learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet it is important that they use the letters to read and write words. They need to understand that letters represent sounds and that the sounds combine to make words. At this stage in reading instruction we introduce CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. CVC word building cards are helpful in teaching students that simple words can be created with 2 learned consonants and a vowel.  It’s really exciting when our young readers begin to realize that they can actually sound out words!

These CVC Build A Word cards are ideal for either small group instruction or as an activity for your independent centers. I like to use these magnets from Banks School Supply because the vowels are red and consonants are blue and the color-coding helps our students learn the CVC format, but magnets purchased at a dollar store work great too! When you download this file you will receive 52 colorful word building cards. The cards are color coded per vowel in case you’d like to target just one vowel sound.


The Make, Take & Teach Build A Word- CVC Words Activity can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.





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