D.I.Y. Tactile Letters

It’s somewhat of a mixed blessing living in a small town.  I love where I live, but outside of Walmart and Meijer, there really isn’t much terms of shopping.  It’s always a treat, though, when I get to travel to a “big city” about an hour from my home and visit the Michael’s Craft Store.  I’m afraid if we had a Michael’s I’d be in that store everyday!  Well on a recent shopping trip, I picked up these felt letters.  I though they’d be perfect for making tactile letters.

Felt Stickers

I found a version of this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago.  I’d love to give the blogger credit, but when I clicked the link, the blog was no longer available.  The original version used sandpaper to make the letters- that’s a great idea, but the felt was so much easier.   To make the tactile letters, simply place each letter on a sample paint chip (thanks Home Depot!).  If you wish, you could put the vowels on one color (I always use red for vowels) and consonants on another color.  With fabric paint, I placed a dot on the spot where the formation of the letter begins.

DIY Tactile Letters


The bag of felt stickers had multiples of each letters and numbers too.  You could make several sets for your kiddos!

Just in case you can’t find these at Michael’s, here’s a link for a similar product that would work great too.

Felt Letters





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  1. Heidi says

    These are great. I can’t wait to make them. BTW – you’d be surprised how much you’d miss Meijer if you didn’t have one. I moved out of state several years ago and its one of the first stores I hit when I’m home.

    • Julie says

      I do love Meijer, too! Their produce section is excellent. Meijer is just one of many benefits of living in Michigan 🙂

  2. says

    Very cute learning activity. I am going to look for some paint chips at the hardware store and make one for my daughter. Thanks to you and the original “mystery” blog for a great idea!

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