Fall Themed Math Bundle for Our Kindergarten and First Graders!


My goodness! Fall is just around the corner and it’s time to pull out all of our fall themed activities! The Make, Take & Teach K-1 Math bundle includes 13 fall themed activities designed to teach basic number concepts. Here are just a few of my favorites from this bundle!

Of course an early numeracy bundle wouldn’t be complete without Play Doh mats! Student just love making numbers with Play Doh. This activity is ideal for independent centers. You can certainly purchase your Play Doh, but I like to make my own as the dough is softer to form. Be sure to use Wilton cake food coloring if opting to make your own as the colors are so vibrant! This activity contains mats for the numbers 1-10.

Play Doh numbers

Another fun way to learn and practice number concepts is with the Apple Play Doh Number mats. Students simply roll the doh into apples and then place the correct number in the trees!

Play Doh numbers

Writing Numbers templates for numbers 1-10 are also included in this bundle. Once laminated, these templates can be used over and over again!

The How Many? activity cards is another activity that, once laminated, can be used over and over again. With this activity, students count the number of fall themed items on the card and then writes the number on the space provided. If you’d like, you can bind the cards together with a loose leaf ring.

fall math activities

One of my favorite fall themed math activities are these candy corn match activities. This bundle contains matching candy corns for the numbers 1-20.

candy corn numbers

Also included in this bundle are the following activities: Number order 1-10 (numeral and word), Missing Number 1-10, Missing Number 1-20, Missing Number 1-100, Number Cards (1-20), 10 Frame Cards (1-20), Number Word Cards 1-20, Roll a Scarecrow (subitizing), Race to the Top and Apple Number Game (much like Hi-Ho-Cherry O).

The K-1 Fall Themed Math Bundle is available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.





fall math activities

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