Cookie Sheet Bundle for Sight Words, Blends/Digraphs and Word Families!


The Cookie Sheet Activities have certainly been popular with my kindergarten and first grade teacher friends.  They are so versatile- they can be used within small group instruction or as independent literacy center activities.  It’s always so important to incorporate hands-on learning especially for our young and struggling readers and these activities do the trick.  Our  Cookie Sheet Activities for Pre K – K Bundle incorporates the skills of ABC order, rhyme, beginning sounds and early numeracy.  The first grade bundle contains a little more advanced skills.  The first activities within this bundle focus on learning and practicing sight words.  The first sight word activity requires your students to build the words with magnetic letters.  There are 43 templates in this file.


It’s important that our kiddos begin to recognize those words in text right away.  It’s one thing to be able to read words in isolation, but readings words in text, well, that’s a whole other ballgame.  That’s why I included the sight word sentences activity within this bundle.


Shortly after students learn letter/sound correspondences, we introduce common consonant blends and digraphs.  To address this skill, sorting and building templates for digraphs and blends are included.  The templates are differentiated as you can choose to have students sort two or four digraphs or blends.  The kiddos love the colorful pics!


For the building activity, you can either use magnetic letters or the pre-printed digraphs and blends included in this file.


Teaching word families can be tons of fun!  It’s important that students learn to recognize “chunks” in words to become fluent readers.  That’s why word family building and sorting activities are included in the first grade bundle.


For easy storage of the activities, I picked up these Sterilite containers at Walmart.  They are the perfect size and everything fits so nicely.  Oh, and they stack!  I’ve included the stickers for the outside of the container as well as the label for the baggies in the file.




If you are interested in purchasing the Cookie Sheet Activities First Grade Bundle, there are two options.  You can either go to my online store and download the file. It’s super easy and you’ll have the activities right away.


The Cookie Sheet Activities First Grade Bundle can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

The second option is to let me do the printing for you!  When you order the printed bundle you’ll receive the templates printed in color on office paper, the pictures printed in color on 90lb card stock, and the labels printed on a full size Avery label.   In addition, you will also receive a painted cookie sheet!


The Printed Cookie Sheet Activities First Grade Bundle can also be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.




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    The way you have your “bundles” is rather confusing. I wanted the first grade bundle since that’s what I teach. I was especially interested in the sight word sentences. But what I ended up downloading was the PreK and K bundles. Those aren’t going to do me much good!

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