Free R-Controlled Vowels Posters

R Controlled Vowels Posters ar gif

Creating these R-Controlled Vowels posters has been on my to-do list for quite sometime.  Today is my official first day of summer vacation and there’s no better way to begin vacation than to get going on that never-ending list.  Of course, there’s a few household chores, but those items aren’t quite as fun.  Okay, there’s one household chore that’ll absolutely have to get done today–it’s early June and our Christmas lights still need to be taken down from around the house.  Yikes!

R Controlled Vowels Postersergif

R Controlled Vowels Postersirgif

R Controlled Vowels Postersorgif

R Controlled Vowels Postersurgif

Click HERE to download the FREE R-Controlled Vowels Posters

Here are a few Make, Take and Teach R-Controlled Vowel activities:

Write It Phonics Cards for R-Controlled Vowels
Clip The R-Controlled Vowel
Tee It Up For R-Controlled Vowels

Enjoy!  Here’s to hoping that your summer to-do list isn’t as long as mine.



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