Fun Little Activity for Teaching the -k and -ck Spelling Pattern

k ck spelling

The popcorn activity for sorting words containing the final /k/ spelling pattern was such a hit I decided to create an ice cream cone version to add a little variety.  Sorting activities are a perfect way to introduce many of our spelling rules as students can see right away how the rule applies.  Just as a reminder, the spelling rule for the final /k/ sounds is as follows:

When the /k/ sound is at the end of a word it can be spelled with either the letter “k”  or the letters “ck”. When the final /k/ sound is preceded by a vowel team or a diphthong (e.g. ou) it is spelled with a “k”. For example, the words “break”, “beak”, “seek” and “soak” all have a long vowel sound before the final /k/ sound and therefore is /k/ is spelled “k”.  When the final /k/ sound is preceded by a short vowel, the sound is spelled with “ck”. Here are a few examples: “chick”, “crack”, “slick”.  Notice that the vowel before the final /k/ sound makes its short sound.

When you download the ice cream cone sorting activity you will receive 66 ice cream scoops with words ending in either “k” or “ck”. Simply print, laminate your activity and cut the cones and scoops along the dotted line. Students write either the “k” or “ck” at the end of the word with a dry erase marker and then places the scoop on the correct cone. When all the scoops are in place, the scoops are flipped and the correct answer is on the back of each scoop. Simply erase the answers and your activity is ready for the next time! The self-checking feature makes this activity perfect for independent centers.

k ck spelling rule

The Build a Cone for the -k and -ck Spelling Rule can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.





k ck spelling rule

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