Fiddle Sticks

Fiddle Sticks – Undoubtedly the BEST game ever!!

I’m not exaggerating.  Fiddle Sticks really is the best activity ever, especially for practicing skills such as sight word recognition and math facts.  Invented over 30 years ago by my friend, Jill, as a fun way to practice articulation drills, the activity has been adapted by teachers to work on many different skills.  Watch my video below to see how to make and the game of Fiddle Sticks!

My teacher friend, Deb, has made a set of Fiddle Sticks for each of the 9 lists (25 words each) of the Dolch 220 Sight Word list.  She differentiates this activity by having groups of students play the game for the list that they are working on at the time.  Of course, she uses her assessment data to group her students.  Visit my Freebie section as I have the assessment form and materials for Lists 1-3.

Print the PDF below for written direction for assembling Fiddle Sticks as well as different ways to adapt the game.

Fiddle Stick Directionsblog

Click the following link to download the directions for assembling this activity as well as the directions for playing this game:   Fiddle Sticks


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  1. Karla says

    Julie, thanks so much for sharing fiddle sticks and everything else on your blog!! You just made my evening! I am a speech path doing lots of RTI in kindergarten. All is very helpful. A great day for me! karla

    • Julie says

      Hi Karla- Thanks for leaving a comment. Happy to hear the information on the blog is helpful. I love making activities especially for K and 1. I started out as a Speech Path- and work closely with our Speech Paths now who are trying to figure out how they can implement RtI in their jobs. Check back often– I have tons of ideas for the blog. Julie

  2. says

    After seeing your fiddle sticks game on Pinterest I went out that day and got more fat Popsicle sticks to make this game! My kids are SO in love with it and I can tell it has really helped with their automaticity! I just posted about it on my blog and linked back here. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Rowdy in Room 300

    • Julie says

      This is the best game ever- it can be adapted in so many ways. During the holidays I would usually put a few holiday stickers on several sticks rather than the red tip and then change it so that when they choose the sticker they can take 2 sticks away from another player. So many skills it can be used for and so many ways to adapt it. Glad you like it. Going over now to check out your blog.

  3. Amy Parent says

    Hi, where do you store your cups.. I love the idea and did something similar in my first grade, but the cups kept getting knocked over in my storage area. I will definitely add the red dot and call them FiddleSticks. (word and math sticks is boring)

    • Susan says

      I love this idea. I’m thinking that maybe you could store the sticks in ziploc bags and store the cups stacked until game time. I’m going to start buying sticks and cups! 🙂

  4. says

    Thank you for the GREAT game! I can’t wait to use these with my son who is just starting to read. What a fun game the whole family can play together to help him learn his sight words! I just found your blog and can’t wait to read all the fabulous ideas for making learning fun! Thanks again!:-)

  5. Mary says

    This game can also be played using addition, subtraction, and multiplication activities. Your ideas are always so inspiring…thank you so much!

  6. Susan says

    We are having a Family Night at our school and I will share these with my parents and students at the same time! I will let you know how everyone likes the game! I’m going to use sight words and addition facts.

  7. Christine F says

    Fabulous ideas. So many uses and adaptations. Can’t wait to make and try out with students!

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