How To Make a Flip Chute

Okay, you are probably wondering what in the world is this!  I think it’s called a “flip chute”.  I first saw this little contraption in my teacher friend Beth’s third grade classroom in one of her literacy centers.  She was having the students use the flip chute to identify common and proper nouns.  I absolutely loved this idea and headed to the grocery store to buy a container of orange juice so I could make my very own that evening.  So, here’s how the flip chute works.  First you need the cards.  I made a template on the computer, but you could simply cut an index card in half.  On one side put the question and on the other side, the answer.  So, for my noun and verb cards, I put a noun (car) or a verb (run) on one side and then the word “noun” or “verb” on the other (I made about 25 cards).  Students choose a card from the pile, gives an answer, and then places the card in the top slot.  The card goes down the “chute” and the correct answer comes out the bottom!

Just click the following Youtube video for step-by-step directions for making the Flip Chute.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 7.27.58 PM

Click the following link to download the Noun/Verb cards  Flip Chute Cards- Nouns and Verbs.  Just print the cards single-sided to double-sided.

Are you headed to the grocery store yet?



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