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I’ve certainly received tons of feedback on our Write-It Phonics Cards line. The original Write-It Phonics Cards Bundle contained card packets for addressing phonics skills from beginning sounds to r-controlled vowels.  This bundle is just an extension and addresses the long vowel sound spelling patterns. Teachers just love that they can be used over and over again when laminated. They are perfect for independent practice in centers or for introducing a spelling pattern during small group instruction.

As with the original bundle, each set can be purchased separately, however, if you really like the cards the bundle is the way to go.  Simply print the cards (I printed mine on card stock), laminate and then bind them together with a loose leaf ring. It’s just that easy. Students then write the correct spelling pattern for the word on the card and, when done, erases the letters.

Long a pictsbborder

When you download the long a packet you will receive 64 colorful cards addressing the ai/ay/a_e spelling pattern of the long a vowel.

Long a vowel spelling

The Write-It Phonics Cards Long a can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The long e packet contains 47 phonics cards addressing the spelling patterns of ee/ea/y for the long e vowel sound. Again, students just write the spelling pattern on the card with a dry erase marker, wipe clean and they’re ready to go!

Long ebpborder

Long e spelling patterns

The Write-It Phonics Cards Long e can also be found in my TpT store.

Of course the remaining three vowels are also available for individual download: Write-It Phonics Cards Long i, Write-It Phonics Cards Long o, Write-It Phonics Cards Long u

When you order the bundle you’ll receive over 275 phonics cards!

Long Vowel Sounds Spelling Patterns

The Write-It Phonics Cards Long Vowel Sounds Bundle can be found in my TpT store.






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