7 Syllable Types Resources

It’s always so much fun listening and watching our  young readers figure out those “longer” words.  Many of our little ones are pretty solid decoding one-syllabe words and are now ready to learn strategies for decoding multisyllabic words.  So, really, what is a syllable?  Simply put, a syllable is a unit of pronunciation containing a […]

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More Ideas and Activities From Our Blog

Winter Themed Math Activities Using Base 10 Blocks

It’s always fun to incorporate a little seasonal spirit into center activities. Many of my first grade friends are now learning place value using base 10 blocks and I thought it’d be a great time to introduce a hands-on winter themed activity. The self-checking feature of this activity makes it perfect for independent centers. When […]

Winter Themed Sight Word FREEBIE!

I really love the 4-In-A-Row game. It’s super easy to assemble, easy to play and offers tons of practice opportunities. All you need to do is print the template, grab a few bingo chips (use 2 colors only) and you’ll have a fun, interactive activity for learning sight words. Students take turns reading words and […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!

Early Numeracy File Folder Activities

My little friend, Emmett, just loves these winter themed file folder number activities. Well, when you add Play Doh into any activity, it’s sure to be a hit! With just a little bit of assembly, these file folders will last for years and years! Simply glue the templates on a file folder and laminate. When you […]

Winter Themed Addition with 10 Frames

Developing fluency with number combinations that make 10 is important in kindergarten and first grade. Students who can quickly “make 10” can apply this strategy to adding numbers efficiently when using this strategy makes sense to solve an addition problem. For example, if given the problem 6+9, the student can break down the problem into […]

What is Subitizing?

What is Subitizing? Simply put, subitizing is the ability to recognize a small group of objects without counting. It is a fundamental skill in the development of number sense.  I find that using a real-life example often helps in understanding certain concepts so let’s give it a try.  Last week I baked some sugar cookies. If […]

Climb and Slide Activities for Sight Words and Phonics!

The winter themed Climb & Slide activity is fun twist to an old favorite game of Chutes & Ladders. The activities are perfect for independent practice of targeted skills in your literacy centers. Once laminated, you’ll have ready-made activities all ready to go! All you’ll need will be game markers and dice. When you download […]

Fact Families and Number Bonds! Fun Winter Themed Activities!

Winter is certainly making its presence known up here in Northern Michigan and it’s time to pull out all those winter themed activities! Many of my first grade friends are learning and practicing addition and subtraction so I thought it would be fun to create a few activities involving fact families and number bonds. I’m […]

Mitten Match FREEBIE!

Up here in the great white north December means SNOW. Actually, we have snow often through the month of April. In our schools hats, boots, coats, snow pants, and mittens are often scattered throughout the halls or within the coat area of classrooms. Just getting ready for recess can be quite an ordeal. The Mitten Math activity […]

Fun Activity for Learning and Practicing Rhyme!

Many of my Pre K and Kinder friends are now learning the skill of rhyme. Teaching students rhyme is important as is helps develop those early phonemic awareness skills of appreciating that words consist of separate speech sounds that can be changed to create new and different words. I created these cards specifically for centers […]

Fun Penguin Themed Rhyme and Alphabet Activities!

Just have to say it – I LOVE these penguins. Winter themed activities are pretty popular when you live in the great white north. In northern Michigan, winter can last 4-5 months so we get quite a bit of mileage out of our winter activities! These two activities were created for my Pre K, Kinder and […]

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