Valentine’s Day Themed File Folder Activities

We just LOVE file folder activities! Once assembled, the activities last for years and years. Just grab your activity and all the materials are right at your fingertips. Here are a few of our favorites for celebrating Valentine’s Day! When you download the File Folder Heart Rhyme Match activity you will receive the templates for […]

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More Ideas and Activities From Our Blog

“Sweet” Activities for Teaching Rhyme and the Alphabet

We just love file folder activities. Once assembled, the activities will last for years and years! Assembling the file folders is super easy. Just adhere the templates to a file folder, laminate the folder and cupcake tops and cut the tops along the dotted line. You may wish to place Velcro on the cupcake tops […]

Ice Fishing Themed File Folder Activities!

Ice fishing is a popular sport in Northern Michigan. Many of our kiddos often take to the ice during the weekends with their parents in hopes of catching that one big fish! I realize the sport isn’t for everyone- it’s a little too chilly for my liking, but for those who enjoy fishing, it’s a […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!

Even More Valentine’s Day Activities

I just love these cute little bears that my fabulous artist whipped up last year. Although they can be used year-round, they are perfect for use as a Valentine’s Day themed activity. When you download this activity you will receive 39 CVC word matching bears! The self-checking feature makes this activity ideal for independent centers! […]

Penguin Themed File Folder Activities!

These winter themed file folder activities have certainly been a hit! They’re perfect for winter themed center activities and can be used for direct teaching of the skill too! When you download the penguin themed rhyme match activity you will receive the templates for creating four file folder activities – two with 6 matches and […]

Fun Winter Themed FREEBIE for Practicing Sight Words

4-In-A-Row games are one of my favorites. There is no assembly required- just print and laminate if you’d like, grab a few bingo chips and you’ll have a fun activity that your students will love. The fast pace nature of the game also allows for many practice opportunities. Playing the game is super simple. The […]

Snowball Themed File Folder Activities!

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ snowball fight! When you can have it indoors and incorporate a little learning- well, that’s all the better. When you download the file folder snowball themed sound match activity you will receive the templates for creating 12 file folder activities and over 100 colorful snowballs containing the beginning […]

Snowman Themed File Folder Activities

Winter has certainly arrived and we’re having fun learning the concept of rhyme and the alphabet with our snowman themed file folder activities! I just love the file folder activities as, once assembled, they last for years and years! Assembling your file folder activity is super simple- just print, adhere the templates to a file […]

Winter Themed File Folder Activities!

We just love winter up in northern Michigan (well, most of us). That’s what makes pulling out all those winter themed activities so much fun! The mitten match activities have been such a hit I thought it would be a good idea to transform them into file folder activities. Creating your file folder activities is […]

Even MORE Fall Themed File Folder Activities!

I’m absolutely loving creating these file folder activities! File folder activities are great because they are hands on (our kids need and love that) and once they are assembled, all you need to do is just grab and go! All the materials are right there. I’ve already created file folders for rhyme and the alphabet […]

Candy Corn File Folder Activities

I just love file folder activities! With a little bit of work on the front end, you’ll have ready-made activities that will last for years. I’m in the process of creating seasonal file folder activities for the skills of rhyme and learning the alphabet for my little preschool and kindergarten friends. I started with the […]

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