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Eyeball Bingo!

They’re back!!! I was shopping at the Dollar Tree last week and again found these super cute eyeball ping pong balls. A few years back I created the Eyeball Bingo activity for my first grade friends just learning to read CVC words. I thought it’d make a fun Halloween themed activity. If you’d like this […]

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Halloween Themed 4-In-A-Row FREEBIE!

It’s always fun to add a little holiday fun into your small group instruction. I love the 4-In-A-Row activity as it’s a fast paced activity which allows for lots of practice opportunities. Playing this game is pretty simple. Each student will need about 15 bingo chips of the same color. Players take turns solving the […]


Even More! Apple Themed Activities

I really love these Sterilite storage containers that I found at Walmart. I’ve been using them for the phonics bundles since they stack so nicely on the shelf, but thought they’d work perfectly for storing seasonal and themed activities too! So while I was working on the pre k/kindergarten apple-themed activities I decided to see […]

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Even More Make, Take & Teach Activities!


Apple Themed Activities

My fabulous artist, Kyle, designed these super cute apples and worms. I just L.O.V.E. them! They were perfect for creating a word sliding activity for learning and practicing CVC words. Although this activity can be used all year long, it’s ideal for fall-themed centers! When you download this activity you’ll receive 5 apples (one for […]

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Cookie Sheet Activities for Early Literacy

The Cookie Sheet Activities for Early Literacy have certainly been popular activities for our little preschool and kindergarten friends. Whenever we can add a hands-on element to our activities we accelerate learning. There’s tons of research supporting the use of a multi-sensory approach! When you download the cookie sheet activities for early literacy you will receive three […]

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Activities for Teaching oi & oy

I’m so excited to have finished the oi/oy phonics bundle. All the activities are laminated and ready to go! These activities were created specifically for independent centers as several versions of each activity are provided so that groups of students can be working at the same. All the activities fit in a 15″L x 11 […]

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Favorite Quote for Teachers

One of my teacher friends had this quote hanging above her computer.  Every Monday when I visited her classroom I would make it a point read the quote.  It  just set the tone for my week and was a gentle reminder of the power we have as teachers in the lives of children.   Teaching […]

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Vowel Sticks Freebie!

Those short vowel sounds can really trip up our young readers. Several of the vowels sound so similar it’s no wonder that they can be so tricky. Discrimination activities, such as this vowel sticks activity, can help our kiddos hear the differences between the sounds. This activity can be easily differentiated as you can choose […]

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Fun Little Activity for Learning Contractions

Learning and practicing the phonics concept of contractions can be tons of fun!  The Make, Take & Teach Contraction Bingo activity is ideal for either your small group instruction or as an activity for independent centers. When you download this activity you will receive 5 bingo cards with 24 different contraction cards. You can download […]

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A Doggone Fun Phonological Awareness Activity

The research is very clear regarding the relationship between phonological/ phonemic awareness skills and later reading achievement. Children need to have an appreciation of how sounds can be put together to create words. Incorporating phonemic awareness activities into our lessons is critically important and they really don’t need to take up a significant amount of time. Quick […]

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Write It Phonics Cards for Early Reading

The Write-It Phonics Cards Early Reading series is perfect for learning and practicing letters and sounds within words.  They are ideal for our little kindergarteners and beginning of the year first grade kiddos.  Simply print the cards, laminate and bind with a loose leaf ring and you’ll have activities that will last for years and […]

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