Parent Handouts for Learning Sight Words and Improving Reading Fluency

As the school year ends, parents often ask for suggestions on how to help their child at home over the summer months.  Last year I developed several parent handouts to address specific areas of reading.  The Learning Sight Words handout provides suggestions for teaching and reinforcing sight words.  This handout is most appropriate for kindergarten and first grade students.

Click the following link to download this free two page handout.  Learning Sight Words

For first, second and third grade students, the Oral Reading Fluency handout may be helpful.

Click the following link to download this free two page parent handout. Oral Reading Fluency-Parent




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  1. Deborah Kline says

    Thanks so much!! I will be using these in the fall! Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

  2. Kim says

    Thank you for the handouts! They are very thorough and explain both fluency and the importance of sight words very clearly.

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