Phonics Based Word Sorting Activities

Phonic Word Sort

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of picture and word sort activities. These activities are super helpful in the beginning stages of teaching a phonics concept. When using word sorts, students begin to see patterns of where certain letter combinations for sounds most often occur. For example, when using a word sort for the or/ore/oar spelling pattern for the /or/ sound, students will realize that the “ore” most often occurs at the end of the word. This is also true for the au/aw spelling of the /aw/ sound as the “aw” spelling occurs most often at the end of the word. Not only is recognizing patterns such as this important while reading, it is also important while spelling the words when writing.

All of the Make, Take & Teach word sorting activities are designed to be placed on file folders and then laminated so that they can be used over and over again.  To keep the picture and word cards organized I place them in a baggie and then use a brass clasp and clip the baggie to the the file folder. It’s super simple then to just grab the sorting activity that you’d like to use and all the materials are right there. Here are a few of the more advanced phonics based word sorting activities:

ir er ur word sort

ir er ur word sort

The ir/er/ur Word Sort Activity can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

or ore oar word sort

or ore oar word sort

The or/ore/or Word Sort activity can also be found in my online TpT store.

au aw word sort

au aw word sort

The aw/au Word Sort can be found in my TpT store.

The word sort activities have been bundled by specific phonics concepts. The Long Vowel Spelling Patterns Bundle contains seven picture/word sort activities targeting the long vowel spelling patterns. The following file folder sorts are available in this bundle: ai/ay, ee/ea, ee/ea/y, ie/igh, ie/igh/y, oa/ow/oe and eu/oo/ue/ui. 160 picture/word cards and over 300 word cards are contained in this bundle!

long vowel spelling patterns

The Word Sorts Long Vowel Spelling Patterns can also be found in my TpT store.

For our younger kiddos just learning the difference between the long and short vowel sounds, the Long & Short Vowel Sounds Bundle Word and Picture Sorting activities are perfect. Over 250 sorting pictures are contained in this download!

long and short vowels

The Long & Short Vowel Sounds Bundle Word Sort can, of course, be found in my TpT store.






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