Response to Intervention and Behavior

Earlier this school year our social workers shared this really cool website that they found.  It has tons of intervention strategies for dealing with students who are demonstrating behavioral issues in school.   I love it because in addition to the strategies, it also offers options for tracking and monitoring progress which, of course, is at the heart of Response to Intervention.   The website is called PBIS World.  Let me show you what the site has to offer.

When you log onto the site, this is the first page you’ll see.  Note the tabs along the top…Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Data Tracking.  If you click the Data Tracking tab, there is literally over 100 different questionairres and forms to use for gathering information and tracking behavior.   On the main page is a list of possible behaviors that a student may be exhibiting.


Simply click the behavior that your student is exhibiting and you’ll be taken to a page which lists possible characteristics that may describe your student.  If the characteristics describe your student, you’ll click “Yes”.


After clicking “Yes”, you’ll be taken to page with a list of Tier 1 research-based strategies to address the specific issue.  If you click on a specific strategy, a description of strategy, how to implement the strategy and possible data tracking forms are provided.  Isn’t this awesome?


So let’s take a peek.  I’ve clicked the Tier 2 interventions to address the issue of hyperactivity and I’m taken to this page which lists possible interventions and strategies.


If the Check in Check Out strategy is a strategy that I believe may work with this student, I simply click the link.  I’m taken to page which describes the strategy in detail.  Not only is there a complete description of the strategy, but there are ideas of when and how to use it.  Did I mention there are also data tracking forms??


If you have challenging students in your classroom be sure to check out this website.  It’s really, really helpful!


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