Rhyming Cupcakes Freebie!


Oh My Goodness!  I walked into my local Walmart last night and there they were!  Two years ago I created rhyming stickers to go along with these little plastic cupcakes I found in the holiday section at Walmart.  Last year around Easter, they were nowhere to be found so I was super excited that Walmart decided to put them back on the shelf.


Creating the activity is quite simple.  Just print the pdf file on a full size Avery label, cut the stickers along the dotted line and adhere them to the bottom of each cupcake.   The game is played just like a typical memory game as you place the cupcakes on the table in rows and players take turns turning over 2 cupcakes trying to find a match.   If you’d like your own cupcake rhyme memory game just hop on down to Walmart to pick up your cupcakes and print the following pdf:


Just click the following link to download this free printable  Cupcake Rhyme Memory Game

Now the plastic cupcakes are hands-down the best way to assemble this activity.  If you cannot find the cupcakes in your local Walmart and still what to have the memory game, feel free to download the free memory cards.  You can adhere the stickers on the back of these cards.  Just click the following link to download the cards: Cupcake Rhyming Cards

Enjoy your activity!  It’s a hands-down favorite!




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  1. Lois Tschaepe says

    The only place I can find those Galerie Cupcakes is on Amazon for $27.48! Does your WalMart still have any?

    • Jackie says

      I found these at a Walmart in Roanoke Rapids, NC. My local Walmart didn’t have them so I stopped and checked various Walmarts on the way to Virginia.

    • Julie Van Alst says

      Hi Deb- right before Easter they are usually right in the front of the store. They are a seasonal item so look for them around March.

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