Robin’s Nest Activities for Beginning Sounds and Word Families


Well, it’s certainly been a long, hard winter. It’s hard to believe that just two days ago (that would be April 9th) it was actually snowing outside. Yikes! Today I was able to take a long bike ride around the lake as the temperature peaked at 54 degrees. Okay, I know my friends living in the southern states and in other countries may think that’s a bit crazy, but it’s par for the course for living in Northern Michigan.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Listening to the birds chirping on my bike ride was quite a treat. Actually, the whole bike ride was a nature’s choir! There were tons of frogs and other creatures also taking advantage of the early spring day.

Anyway, in honor of spring, I thought I’d post the Robin’s Nest activities.  These activities were one of the first ones I created nearly 4 years ago and I was anxious to do a little updating.  Both activities are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and on the Make, Take & Teach website.


The Robin’s Nest Beginning Sounds activity can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teacher store or on the Make, Take & Teach website.


The Robin’s Nest Word Families activity can also be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or on the Make, Take & Teach website.

Robin's Nestbp.001

The robin’s nest activity is also available for the following phonics concepts: Robin’s Nest Short Vowels,  Robin’s Nest Consonant Digraphs, Robin’s Nest R-Controlled Vowels



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