Short Vowels Cue Cards

Some of our little readers are still having trouble confusing those short vowel sounds.  We certainly see this in their written work.  I’m hoping these cue cards can help.  Simply print the cards, cut them out and place them on the desk or table.  They serve as a visual cue to help with correct use of the vowel when writing.    Of course, not every student will need the cue card;  just those students who are still substituting one vowel for another.

Vowel Prompt Cards

Click the following link to download FREE short vowel cue strips Vowel Prompt Cards

If you are working with short vowel sounds in your small group intervention, the Vowels Sticks and Vowel Snatch are two great activities for teaching these sounds.  You can download this activity for free.


The Vowel Stick and Vowel Snatch freebie can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store!



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