St. Patrick’s Day Sight Word Games


Click HERE to download 7 FREE sight word game boards.

The St. Patrick’s Day sight word game boards and the Lucky You! games were one of the very first activities I made for digital download last year.  I thought I’d pull them out of the vault to share during the early weeks of March.  When you download the game boards, you’ll receive 7 free game boards containing words from the Dolch sight word lists 1-6.  I’ve included a blank game board so that you can even add your own words.  You can even use the blank board for reviewing math skills if you choose.

The Lucky You! games are one of my favorites.  It’s a variation of Fiddle Sticks (my all-time favorite game), just using words cards instead of craft sticks.  Students take turns choosing a card and reading a word.  There are a few cards, however, that allow them to choose more cards (Lucky!) or a card where they’ll have to put them all back.  The player with the most cards at the end of the session, or station rotation, wins the game.  This activity is easy to assemble and so simple to play.  The kids absolutely love the game and I love it because of the amount of practice opportunities they receive while still having fun.

Lucky you SW1-3pre

Click HERE to download the Lucky You! Dolch Sight Word Lists 1-3 game from my TpT store

There are also several variations of this activity for the following skills:

Lucky You! Dolch Sight Words Lists 4-6

Lucky You! Dolch Sight Words Lists 7-9

Lucky You! Consonant-Vowel-Consonant

Lucky You!  Consonant Digraphs

Lucky You! Magic e

Lucky You! R-Controlled Vowels

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