Super Easy DIY Project- Loud, Rolling Dice Problems Solved!

This week I was visiting a second grade classroom during math centers and the teacher had such a clever and simple idea for keeping those rolling dice contained in an area for the math games.  I loved how independent and on-task the students were during math centers and tools such as this really go a long way in keeping centers functioning in a way that promotes student learning.  So here it is–it’s so simple!  It’s simply felt glued to the bottom of a ice cream lid.  The small ridge of the lid keeps the dice in the area.  So incredibly clever!


So here’s how you make it.

Step 1:  Using a marker, trace a circle using the lid as a guide on the felt.


Step 2:  Cut the circle just inside the marking.


3.  Glue the felt on the lid.  Careful not to use too hot of hot glue or too much as to melt the plastic.  Just a little will do.

glueon lidblogpic

TA-DA!  Not only is it easy to make- it’s cheap and they store so easily.  Thanks so much to my teacher friend, Beth, for sharing this idea.


Okay, so maybe you’re not the crafting type?  Here’s another idea.  These foam dice in a dome are great too!

Speaking of dice–I love these Dice in Dice for math center games.  The students simply roll one die and then add the numbers on each die.

If you are interested in either the Dice in the Dome or the Dice in Dice, you can click the picture.

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