Super Easy Privacy Screens

My teacher friend, Deb, has a super easy (and cheap!) way of making privacy screens for the students in her classroom.  She simply purchases boxes from our local Office Max and cuts out one side.  So easy!   Deb says these privacy screens are durable and they are the perfect size.  The students can still see her as she is providing directions (other screens are too high) and they fold up nicely and are easy to store.   Upon Deb’s direction, students get up and get a privacy screen from the box and quickly set it up.  I love it because it makes for a quick and easy transition so instruction can begin right away.

I know what some may be thinking…these boxes may look a little plain, you might want to “cutesie it up” a bit.   Just remember that students typically use privacy screens when taking tests or doing work which requires concentration.  I love it that the boxes are simple!  That means there’s less distractions.

You’ll want to be sure to purchase the correct box size.

privacy screens dimensions



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  1. Cindy says

    I make privacy screens from the project boards that you buy at The Dollar Tree for $1 each. My husband cuts them in half, so for 50 cents I have a privacy screen. I am on my third year with mine!

  2. Kim says

    Great idea! I make mine for my K class using two file folders stapled together!! Kids love them…and I do let them decorate them too. But do love the idea of boxes/project boards too!

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