Winter Themed Addition with 10 Frames

Developing fluency with number combinations that make 10 is important in kindergarten and first grade. Students who can quickly “make 10” can apply this strategy to adding numbers efficiently when using this strategy makes sense to solve an addition problem. For example, if given the problem 6+9, the student can break down the problem into (5+1)+9, 5+(1+9), 5+10=15. Practice with “making 10” provides a foundation for efficiently using this strategy. Using 10 frames is important as it provides a framework for visualizing the numbers.

When you download the Winter themed Make 10 activity you’ll receive 3 differentiated templates. You’ll need to laminate the templates so that the students can use a dry erase marker to write the problems. In addition to the templates, you’ll need some manipulatives. Of course you can use bingo chips or unifix cubes, but seasonal mini erasers add a fun twist to the activity. I’ve included these blue and green mittens in the file in case you’d like to print them and use them as the manipulatives.  For the first template, one set is placed on the 10 frame. The student then just places the appropriate number of items on the 10 frame and then completes the problem.


For the second set of templates, the students simply write the addition problem as the pictured items are placed in the 10 frame.

10 frames

The second set of templates contains the addition problem and the student is to place the manipulatives in the 10 frame to represent the problem.


Although the mittens are super cute, they do require a bit of time cutting. Seasonal erasers can often be found at a local dollar store. I find that Oriental Trading often has a variety of mini erasers. These snowmen/snowflake erasers were purchased through Oriental Trading.



The Winter Themed Make 10 with 10 Frames activity can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or in the Make, Take & Teach website.

Once students have the ability to “make 10” they can apply the strategy to solve addition problems. This activity helps students visualize how the Make 10 strategy can be used to solve problems. First the students place the manipulatives within the 10 frames. They then move manipulatives to “make 10” and then write the two problems on the template.


When you download this activity you will receive 32 templates.



The Winter Themed 10 Frame Addition activity can also be found in my online TpT store or in the Make, Take & Teach website.






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