Write It Phonics Cards for Vowel Teams

Write It Vowel Team pic

The Make, Take & Teach Write-It Phonics Cards have been one of the all time favorite activities for literacy centers for practicing targeted phonics skills.  I started with the beginning and ending sounds and am slowly but surely working my way up the phonics ladder. I just finished the Write It Phonics Cards for Vowel Teams!  When you download this product you’ll receive 47 colorful cards with pictures of words containing the oa, ee, ea and ai vowel teams.  They are so easy to assemble.  All you need to do is print the pages, laminate and secure them together with a 1″ loose leaf ring.  Super simple!  Have your students write the correct vowel team on the card and when done, wipe them clean and use them over and over again.


You can download the Write It Phonics Cards from the Make, Take & Teach website or from my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Write It Phonics Cards Vowel Teams is just one interactive phonics activity contained in the Write It Phonics Cards Bundle.  This bundle contains 8 Write It Phonics cards decks- everything from beginning sounds to vowel teams!


The Write It Phonics Cards Bundle is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

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