Cookie Sheet Activities Pre K- K Bundle- Early Literacy and Numeracy Activities

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We all know that young children learn best through hands-on activities.  When children can manipulate letters to form words or use manipulatives such as counters to learn critical concepts their learning accelerates.  The Make, Take & Teach cookie sheet activities offers students hands-on  fun for learning and practicing beginning literacy and number concepts.  These activities are ideal for both direct teaching and independent practice.  The cookie sheet keeps the activity contained as well provides the engagement of using magnets!

There are 6 volumes of cookie sheet activities each volume targeting a specific skill.  Just to keep it simple, I combined the volumes into two grade level bundles- one bundle for my Pre K- K friends and another for my first grade friends.  Volumes 1, 2 and 4 comprise the Make, Take & Teach Pre K- K Bundle.

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 1- ABC Order, Rhyme and Building Words

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 1 contains 3 activities for teaching early literacy skills.  The first activity addresses the skill of alphabetic order.  There are 9 differentiated templates that can be used.  In addition to ordering the letters of the alphabet, this activity can be differentiated as students can match upper- to uppercase letters, lower- to lowercase letter, or upper- to lowercase letters.

ABC order border


There are also 10 differentiated rhyme templates.  Several templates require students to sort 2 rhymes while others 4 rhymes.  The colorful pictures make this an engaging activity for teaching this skill.



Volume 1 of the cookie sheet activities also contains 8 Making Words templates.  Our little kinders love building CVC words with magnetic letters.

Building Wordsborder

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2- Number Order, Number Concepts

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2 is the early numeracy volume.   14 number order templates are included.  These templates are differentiated as students who struggle with this skill can simply match the numbers on several of the templates.  There are templates for number order 1-10, 1-20 and 1-100.


Students can practice counting with the beginning number concepts templates.  There are two number concepts templates: 1-5 and 6-10.


For our little advanced students, these number concept templates can be helpful.  There are 20 templates where the students are required to identify the number before and after, provide a number word, tally and count objects.


Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 4- Beginning Sounds and Short Vowels

So you may be thinking–what’s up with Volume 3?  Volume 3 is for sight words which we may address towards the end of kindergarten, but it was most appropriate for the first grade volume.  Volume 4 certainly belongs in the Pre K- Kindergarten bundle.  Volume 4 is the volume which addresses beginning sounds and short vowels.  The order of introduction of the letters follows a curriculum commonly used in schools, but I’ve included blank templates for you to use if your order of introduction differs.  You will receive 20 beginning sound templates complete with the colorful pics for sorting.  The templates are differentiated as some templates allow for 2 sounds and others 4 sounds.



Those short vowel sounds can be so tricky!  Sorting activities are perfect for helping students learn those vowels.  When you download volume 4, you receive 11 vowel sorting templates with the corresponding pictures.  This volume contains over 200 colorful pictures for sorting!


The Cookie Sheet Activities Pre K- Kindergarten Bundle is guaranteed to keep those little learners engaged in learning early phonemic awareness, phonics and number skills.


The dowloadable pdf activities are available in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

Not quite sure you want to print the activities yourself?  When you order the Printed Cookie Sheet Activities I’ll mail you the colored templates printed on office paper, the colored pictures printed on 90 lb card stock and a red cookie painted cookie sheet.  The Printed Bundle is also available in my online Teachers Pay Teacher store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

Printed CSA1,2,4pg1gif

There are several different ways to store your cookie sheet activities.  I found that using the 15 x 11 1/2 x 3″ Sterilite containers work great.  The templates, letters and pictures fit perfectly  and stack nicely on a shelf.  You can find the containers at Walmart or most any local department store.  I created these stickers to fit the containers (they are contained in the pdf file and also included if you order the printed materials).


I’m pretty picky about the shape of the magnetic letters.  Of course you can use magnetic letters purchased at a dollar store and many of dollar stores have appropriately shaped letters.  I purchase my magnetic letters at Banks School Supply- they are about $2.50.  Not only do I like the shape and size of the letters, but the consonants are blue and vowels are red. You also have the option of purchasing uppercase and lowercase letters so that you can extend the cookie sheet activities to include upper- to lowercase matching.

Banks Letters

Just click HERE

So not necessary, but I have a thing for color coordinating activities.  It’s probably not a healthy obsession with color.  If you’d like to add a little color into your centers, these painted cookie sheets are available for purchase through the Make, Take & Teach website.


Hope you enjoy the cookie sheet activities!



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  1. Danielle says

    Hi! I just purchased your Sight Word Assessment packet- love it! I just came across this and love it as well! May I ask where did you buy these cookie sheets? I really love the colors. Thank you 🙂

    • Julie Van Alst says

      Hi Danielle- I purchase the cookie sheets at the Dollar Tree and paint them myself. I have step-by-step directions on my blog. If you go to my blog and click on DIY project on the header you’ll find the “How to Paint a Cookie Sheet” blog post. If you purchase the printed bundle from my TpT store I’ll send you a painted cookie sheet with the materials printed for you. Thanks. Julie

  2. Wendy says

    These look wonderful! I’m wondering if you also have French versions? My son is in French Immersion, and we would love to be able to use this for learning both in English and French.

    • Julie Van Alst says

      Hi Wendy- Thanks for checking out the cookie sheet bundles. Unfortunately I do not have them in any other language other than English.

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