DIY Classroom Crayon Valentines


If you’ve spent anytime on Pinterest, you know it’s full of really cool DIY projects.  There are soooooo many great ideas and just not enough time!  I really think I could make creating DIY projects found on Pinterest a full time job.  Melting crayons within molds has been pretty popular on Pinterest lately and, although my children can now be considered young adults, I’ve really wanted to give it try and thought Valentine’s Day would be a great opportunity.

So, all you need to make your own melted valentine crayons are crayons (you can use old crayons too), the mold (I purchased mine at Walmart), foil and a cookie sheet.  That’s it.


First peel the paper from the crayons and break the crayons into chunks.


Then just place the crayon chunks into the heart molds.  You may wish to color coordinate your hearts, but this is totally not necessary.  Be sure to completely fill the heart mold with crayon chunks.  If I were to do this project again, I would really heap the crayons in the molds as when my crayons melted, they were a tad bit thin.


Place your mold on a foil covered cookie sheet and place in the oven.  I heated the oven to 250 degrees and it took about 5 minutes for the crayons to melt.  Just be sure to watch the process carefully.  When the crayons are melted, remove the mold from the oven and let them cool.  I let it sit for several hours.


Carefully remove the hearts the from the mold.  Aren’t they awesome!


So now I have twenty four melted crayon hearts!  I thought I’d make cards for teachers to give them to their students on Valentine’s Day.  If you choose to give this project a try and would like to use them as gifts for your students, feel free to download the template below.


 Just click the following link to download this file:  Classroom Valentine Templates

To adhere the crayon heart to the card, I just used a velcro dot.   I really think the kids will love these!






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