Holiday and Winter Themed 4-In-A-Row Game Boards

I love the 4-In-A-Row game for practicing sight words.  The game makes for an awesome activity for your literacy centers.  It can easily be differentiated as you choose which game board to use depending on the level of your students.   To play the game, all that is needed is a game board and colored chips or erasers (I love using seasonal erasers to add a bit of holiday spirit).  Two students play the game and each take turns reading a word and placing their marker on the word.  The first player to have 4 of their colored chip or erasers in a row wins the game.  Players need to be sure to block their opponent as they are trying to get their 4-In-A-Row.  It’s so simple, and sooooo much fun!

4 in a row santablogpic

I found these absolutley adorable seasonal erasers at Michael’s Craft Store and asked Kyle (fabulous artist) to make coordinating 4-In-A-Row game boards.  As ususal, Kyle  did an awesome job!  If you don’t have a Michael’s near you, colored bingo chips work just fine–you may want to use red and green.

Click the following link to download your FREE 4-In-A-Row game board for List 1 of the Dolch 220 sight words Holiday 4-In-A-Row Game Board for List 1

When you purchase the baggie of erasers, you’ll get 4 different kinds- here’ the 4-In-A-Row game board using the snowman and mittens.

4 in a row erasersblogpic

Click HERE to download 9 game boards with words from the Dolch 220 sight words and 4 blank boards for adding words of your choosing from my TpT store.  There are four different seasonal game board designs.

Winter 4 In A Rowprevpg1

The Make, Take & Teach Snowball Fight game is another fun game for practicing the Dolch 220 sight words.

snowball fightprevpg1

Click HERE to download Snowball Fight from my TpT store.

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