More Pocket Chart Pictures!

I’m having so fun creating activities for the table top pocket chart I purchased at Walmart last week.  You never know what you can find at Walmart and I was so lucky to come across these super cute pocket charts which are perfect size for our small group intervention area.  They came in two colors- and of course, I purchased both red and blue.

Pocket Chart Red

Right after purchasing my first pocket chart, I quickly made the Pocket Chart Pictures for Early Literacy – I just couldn’t wait.  The file contains pictures for teaching beginning sounds, rhyme, counting syllables and counting sounds (phoneme segmentation).   I’m just kind of moving up the phonics ladder now and the Pocket Chart Pictures for Short Vowels/CVC Words contains activities for teaching short vowel sounds and building and reading consonant-vowel-consonant words.

Pocket Chart PicSV

 When you download this file you’ll receive 48 colorful CVC pictures, 48 word cards and 64 letter cards for building CVC words.

Pocket Chart Pics CVC

Right after my little trip to Walmart, I scooted on over to the Dollar Tree and picked up these cute little containers to store the pictures and letters.  The plastic containers are actually snack containers, but they are the perfect size for storing the pics.

Pocket Chart PicsCVCWords

Okay, so Walmart doesn’t always stock the pocket charts.  They likely are only available during the back-to-school sales.  Pocket charts are also available in any teacher supply store or in education catalogs.  Although the pocket charts are nice, they aren’t totally necessary for using the pictures to teach these phonics skills.

Pocket Chart Pictures CVC:SVPg1

Pocket Chart Pictures for Short Vowels/CVC Words is available through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Pocket Chart Pictures are also available for Early Literacy, Word Families, Consonant Blends and Digraphs and R-Controlled Vowels/Vowel Teams



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    We share the same passion about educating the young minds through our own resources. I admire you for sharing your materials and resources to many teachers and educators. I am looking forward to seeing more in the near future and let’s share each others passion to others.


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