More St. Patrick’s Day Activities!

I was in my teacher friend, Deb’s, classroom this week and her students were working with common vowel teams.  We checked her inventory of activities and decided we needed to make some fun activities for use in her literacy centers to work on this phonics skill.  For a quick and easy activity, I whipped up this St. Patrick’s Day 4-In-A-Row game.

St. Patrick's Day vowel teams4inblogpic

Click the following link to download this freebie St. Patrick’s Day Vowel Teams 4-In-A-Row Activity

To play this game, you’ll need a board for every two players.  Each player will need about 10 colored chips of the same color (each partner must have a different colored chip).   So, if we were playing, I may have 10 red chips and you may have 10 blue chips.  Players take turns reading a word and placing their colored chip on the word.  Players try to be the first to get 4 chips in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagnoally while at the same time blocking their opponent.

Here’s another 4-In-A-Row freebie ideal for my first grade teacher friends.  There are many students who need a little extra practice with r-controlled vowels.

St. Patrick's Day r-controlled vowelsblogpic

Click the following link to download this freebie St. Patrick’s Day R-Controlled Vowels 4-In-A-Row Activity

For students who are having difficulty reading words with the r-controlled vowels and are unsure of which r-controlled vowel combination to use, the Pot O’ Gold activity may be helpful.  Sorting activities are great when you wish to work on discrimination of the sounds themselves.


The Pot O’ Gold R-Controlled Vowels activity is available through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I hope you find these activities helpful for use in your literacy centers or small group instruction.



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