Multiple Meaning Words- Ice Cream Scoops

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When I was a Speech/Language Pathologist I used to love to teach multiple word meanings.  When students understand that a word can have a different meaning depending upon it’s use in oral or written language, their comprehension improves.  There are a lot ways to help students learn multiple meaning words.  The Ice Cream Scoops activity is a fun activity for expanding vocabulary by teaching multiple word meanings.  When you download this activity you’ll receive 16 ice cream cones containing words with two or more definitions.  Students match the definitions to the words.  You’ll want to be sure to have the students use the words in sentence so that they can clearly demonstrate that they understand the word meaning.


Storing activities can also be a bit challenging.  I’ve included a sticker for you just in case you’d like to store your activity in a baggie.


The Ice Cream Scoops for Multiple Meaning Words can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store or in the Make, Take & Teach website.






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