Phonemic Awareness Activities On the Go!

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It’s amazing sometimes where inspiration hits.  A few weeks ago I had to kill about an hour and decided to hop on over to Michael’s Craft Store.  As I was walking through the bead aisle I found this really handy plastic tote.  It was just the right size to fit picture cards!  Many of my teacher friends are constantly on the move and tote is just perfect!

PA Kit2border

The phonemic awareness tote contains over 500 colorful pictures for teaching the Syllables, Rhyme, Beginning Sounds, Onset-Rime, Phoneme Isolation and Phoneme Segmentation.  Each skill area contains a common core alignment card, activity card(s) and colorful and engaging pictures.  The borders are color-coded per skill for easy organization.


Although the tote found at Michael’s is perfect, the cards will fit in any similar-sized tote.  You could even store the cards in travel soap boxes (you could find the coordinating colors) or baggies.

PA Boxpg1gif

The Make, Take & Teach The Big Box of Phonemic Awareness Activities can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

The Big Box of Phonics Activities is also available in my TpT store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.  This file contains pictures and activities for working with Short Vowels/Word Families, Blends, Digraphs, Magic e, R-Controlled  Vowels and Common Vowel Teams.


Also included in the download is the template with the labels to fit this tote.  Hoping my friends love the tote as much as I do!





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