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I love going into stores during their back-to-school sales!  I especially love perusing the aisles of Walmart and our local dollar stores.  There’s always super cheap items that can be used or changed into activities for our little kiddos.  Just last week I found these pocket charts at Walmart.  They are the perfect size for your small group instruction area.  Well, just across the street from Walmart is the Dollar Tree.  I found these colorful snack containers with the snapped-topped lid–so perfect for storing pictures!


I thought it’d be fun to create an early literacy packet for the pocket charts and use the containers to store the pics.   So, in the spirit of color-coordination, all the beginning sound pics have a blue border, the rhyme pics a red border, pictures for syllables green, and the pictures for phoneme segmentation yellow.  How wonderful that the containers come in all those colors! Love it!  When you download this file, you’ll receive 120 sorting pictures for beginning sounds.  That’s 5 pictures per letter.  You’ll also receive 18 rhyming pair pictures to use to teach and practice the skill of rhyme.


The skill of syllabication is one of the early phonemic awareness skills.  There are 33 pictures of 1, 2, and 3 syllable words.


It’s important that students understand that words are comprised of individual speech sounds.  By mid-kindergarten/early first we expect children to be able to “segment” or break apart words into their sounds.  This skill is called “phoneme segmentation”.   There are 44 pictures contained in the Pocket Chart Pictures file that can be used to teach this skill.  Students say the word, segment the word into its sounds and then place the picture in correct row indicating the number of sounds.


Just for organization sake, labels for the containers are also included.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 7.14.52 AM

The Pocket Chart Pictures for Early Literacy is available through  my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

If you like this pocket chart product, you may also like the Picture Chart Pictures for Short Vowels/CVC too.

Pocket Chart Pictures CVC:SVPg1

The Pocket Chart Pictures for Short Vowels/CVC Words is also available through my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Pocket Chart Pictures are also available for Word Families, Consonant Blends and Digraphs and R-Controlled Vowels/Vowel Teams

Okay, I know that the Walmart pocket charts aren’t available year-round.  There are many options available for you.  I found these magnetic pocket charts on Amazon that would work great too.   They would be ideal for posting on your wall if using the pictures as a center activity.

magnetic pc


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  1. Sandy Sayler says

    I was surprised to see all of the great ‘teacher finds’ at Walmart. I love the snap containers, I guess another trip to the Dollar Tree will be had tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Love your pocket chart pictures!!

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