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Those short vowel sounds can really trip up our young readers. Several of the vowels sound so similar it’s no wonder that they can be so tricky. Discrimination activities, such as this vowel sticks activity, can help our kiddos hear the differences between the sounds. This activity can be easily differentiated as you can choose which and how many vowels to use during instruction. You may want to start with only two vowels for those students who are really having a difficult time with the sounds and then add more vowels as they become more proficient with this skill.  You can then increase the difficulty of this task by providing CVC words (e.g. cat, bet, web) and having your students hold up the correct vowel.

Making your own vowels sticks is super easy. Simply print the pictures/letters on card stock and glue them on a large craft stick using a hot glue gun. Each vowel has a letter only and a letter with a picture cue. You may want to glue them back to back.

Vowel Sticks glue

Just head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download the printable.


You can download the Short Vowel Sticks activity from my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.



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