Springtime Vowel Sorting Activity

I just can’t wait til spring!  I found these adorable springtime containers at our local Walmart.  They are absolutely perfect for a seasonal sorting activity.  I wanted to give you the heads up before they fly off the shelf.  I made these vowel sorting discs just for these boxes.  Of course any type of container will do, but these are just SO cute!  They had butterfly, bunny and frog containers too!

Simply print the activity on cardstock then cut out the vowels and the pictures.  Velcro (or tape) the letters to the center of the flowers and you are all set.  I also purchased prickely balls.  They came four in a package.  These can be used for students who need practice listening to the vowel sounds only (without the words).

Click HERE to download free vowel dics.

Click this link for specfic directions on how to differentiate this activity.  Directions for Differentiating Springtime Vowel Sorting Activity

You may also be interested in the Letter/Sound Sorting Pictures also designed for these containers.







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  1. Elena Gruwell says

    Thank you for these spring letter sorting, even thoug I do not have the baskets, I will print them and use them when I go back to school. lower

  2. Julie says

    Thank you! This is great:) I bought the baskets at my local Target and can’t wait to share this with my 1st graders after our Spring Break!

    • Julie says

      Hi Erin- the flowers are already attached to the box. There were found in the Easter section of my local Walmart. Any cute container will work. I saw small buckets for sand at the dollar store that would be cute too.

  3. Tammy Meyer says

    Hi Julie,
    I realize that I’m most likely late on this, but I saw your short vowel sort with these adorable floral baskets and LOVED it! I of course printed the letter vowels & pictures right away, but I LOVE the baskets and can’t find them online anymore. Do you know who made them (maybe on the bottom of one of them)? Maybe I could find them on another website! I realize I could use any kind of basket, but the activity is really eye catching this way. What a great springtime center idea! 🙂 Please let me know…I’d appreciate it.
    Thank you, Tammy Meyer

  4. Julie says

    They are titled “die-cut treat pail”–there’s a number WMEDCPL-5 and they are distributed by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Bentonville, AR 72716 then there’s the Walmart.com web address. There’s really nothing else on the sticker that I can see that would help track them down. Good luck– I know what you mean-they are really cute.

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