7 Syllable Types Classroom Posters

It’s always so much fun listening and watching our  young readers figure out those “longer” words.  Many of our little ones are pretty solid decoding one-syllabe words and are now ready to learn strategies for decoding multisyllabic words.  So, really, what is a syllable?  Simply put, a syllable is a unit of pronunciation containing a single vowel sound.  “Syllabication” is the process of analyzing the pattern of vowels and consonants in a word to determine where a word is broken into its syllables. The ability to break a word into syllables helps students decode those longer words as well as helps the student remember spelling patterns.  Understanding the 7 syllable types helps students to become better readers and writers.

There are 7 types of syllables that occur in all words of the English language.  Every word can be broken down into these syllables.  These 7 syllables include: closed, open, magic e, vowel teams, r-controlled, dipthongs and consonant le.  After teaching each syllable type, having these posters readily available for reference in your classroom can help your students.  The Make, Take & Teach 7 Syllables Types Classroom Posters can be downloaded for free in my TpT store.




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 Just click the following link to download this poster 7 Syllable Types

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The 7 Syllable Types Classroom Posters are available for FREE in my online Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Just click HERE.





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  1. Susan Niette says

    I love your material. However, on your sheet with the all the 7 Syllable Types you have misspelled the word “diphthong”. Please make his change so we can use these. They are great for students. It is spelled correctly on the individual pieces. Thank you!

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