Winter Themed Math Bundle for K-1

Winter ThemedMathrev

I’m not sure which season I love best- fall or winter.  When you live in the great white north, you have to like winter even just a little bit.   So, in the spirit of one my favorite seasons, I created math center activities for kindergarten and first grade.  This bundle is jam packed with 12 hands-on winter-themed activities for your kiddos.   Here’s a peek of what’s in the pack:

Play Doh mats are one of my favorite hands-on activities for introducing basic number concepts.  I’m pretty picky about my doh so I make my own using a common recipe that can be found on the internet.  The trick is to make the doh using either alum or cream of tartar and the recipes that have you cook the ingratiates are the best.  I use the Wilton cake decorating coloring are more vibrant.  To add a little wintery fun into my doh, I added glitter.   Mats for the numbers 1-10 are included in this pack.


Number formation mats are also included.  Simply laminate the mats and have your students practice writing numbers using a dry erase marker.  Wipe clean and the mats can be used over and over again.

Writing Numbblogpic


 I love how these “How Many?” winter-themed cards turned out.  You can use the cards as single cards as my friend, Eleanor, is doing in the picture below or you can punch the cards and bind them together with a loose leaf ring.  Have your students count the number of winter-themed items on the card and write the number on the line.  Again, if you laminate the cards, they can be used forever!

How Manyblogpic

There are a total of  32 colorful How Many cards in this bundle.  Here’s just a sample:

How Many Cardsbp

Another important skill introduced in kindergarten and first grade is number order.  There are several differentiated number order activities.  The Number Order Penguins activity contains 20 penguins for learning number order to 20.


Number order boards for numbers 1-10, 1-20 and 1-100 are provided for the diverse needs of your students.


There are 5 different addition games included in this bundle.  These games are ideal for independent math centers or for small group instruction when practicing addition.  Also included in this bundle are number word cards, number cards, and ten-frames to 20.


Storing activities can be a challenge.  If you choose to store your activities in baggies or in separate containers, I’ve included labels for each activity.



 Thanks for checking out the Make, Take & Teach K-1 Winter-Themed Math activities.  Enjoy your winter whether it’s in a sunny part of the world or in the deep-freeze zone of Northern Michigan!


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Mitten Match Math

Mitten Match Math

Looking for a fun winter-themed activity for your math centers?  The Make, Take & Teach Mitten Match activity for addition may just do the trick.  Simply print, laminate and cut out the mittens and your center activity is ready to go.  Put a few clothespins in the storage container and have your students clip the problem and the answer.  They absolutely love it!


Just click the following link to download this freebie Mitten Match for Addition

If you like this activity, you may also enjoy Mitten Match for Rhyme and Mitten Match for Beginning Sounds.  These activities are available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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Halloween 4-In-A-Row FREEBIE for Math

Halloween 4 In A Row Mathprevpg1

Click HERE to download this free activity from my online TpT store.

 Here’s a fun little freebie for practicing addition and subtraction facts.  It’s great for either your small group instruction or as an activity for your math centers.  The game is super simple to play.  To play, you’ll need two players each with different colored chips.  Each player takes a turn solving a math problem and then placing their chip in the square.  The first player to have 4 of their colored chips in a row wins the game.  Sounds simple?  Not so fast- players have to be sure to block their opponent as they try to get their 4-In-A-Row.  When you download this file you’ll receive 4 colorful 4-In-A-Row boards for practicing addition and subtraction facts to 10 and then to 20.

If you like the 4-In-A-Row activity for math, you may like this same activity for practicing sight words.  Just to add a little fun, try substituting Halloween themed erasers for chips.  You can typically find these erasers in any dollar store.



The Halloween Themed 4-In-A-Row Game Boards for Sight Words is available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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Cookie Sheet Activities Pre K- Kindergarten Bundle!

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 5.46.55 PM

Well, over the past year and a half I’ve been adding to the cookie sheet activities series.  Right now there are 6 volumes and I have several more in process.  I’ve received numerous requests to bundle the activities, so I’m taking advantage of the summer months to do just that.  All the volumes contain a large amount of graphics so bundling all 6 was just not possible.  What I decided to do was to create a bundle of three volumes specifically for Pre K- kindergarten and then one for first grade.  Of course, all the volumes are available individually, but if you’d like to purchase the Cookie Sheet Activities Pre K- Kindergarten Bundle, you’ll receive the following activities.

 Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 1

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 1 contains 3 activities for teaching early literacy.  The first activity is addresses the skill of alphabetic order.  There are 9 differentiated templates that can be used.  Students can match upper- to uppercase letters, lower- to lowercase letter, upper- to lowercase letters.


There are 10 differentiated rhyme templates.  Several templates require students to sort 2 rhymes while others 4 rhymes.  The colorful pictures make this an engaging activity for teaching this skill.

Rhyme picblogpic

When you download volume 1 of the cookie sheet bundle for kindergarten, you’ll receive 8 Making Words template.  Our little kinders love building CVC words with magnetic letters.

Building Wordsblogpic

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 1 can be purchased separately through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2 is my early numeracy volume.  When you download this volume, you’ll receive 14 number order templates.  These templates are differentiated as students can simply match the numbers on several of the templates.  There are templates for number order 1-10, 1-20 and 1-100.

Number Orderblogpic

Students can practice counting with the beginning number concepts templates.  There are two number concepts templates: 1-5 and 6-10.

Numbercon blogpic

For our little more advanced students, these number concept templates can do the trick.  There are 20 templates where the students are required to identify the number before and after, provide a number word, tally and count objects.


Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 2 for Early Numeracy can also be purchased through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 4

So you may be thinking–what’s up with Volume 3?  Volume 3 is for sight words which we may address towards the end of kindergarten, but it was most appropriate for first grade.  Volume 4 certainly belongs in the kindergarten volume.  Volume 4 is the volume which addresses beginning sounds and short vowels.  The order of introduction of the letters follows a curriculum commonly used in schools, but I’ve included blank templates for you to use if your order of introduction differs.  You will receive 20 beginning sound templates complete with the colorful pics for sorting.  The templates are differentiated as some templates allow for 2 sounds and others 4 sounds.

Beginning Soundsblogpic

Those short vowel sounds can be so tricky!  Sorting activities are perfect for helping students learn those vowels.  When you download volume 4, you receive 11 vowel sorting templates with the corresponding pictures.


You certainly can purchase Cookie Sheet Activities Volume 4- Beginning Sounds and Short Vowels separately through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Okay- I know that storage can be an issue.  Here’s my favorite way of storing the cookie sheet activities.  The 15″ x 11 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ Sterilite containers are ideal for storing each volume and they stack so nicely.  At the end of each bundle are the labels that you can use to adhere to each container.

CSA Storage

The activities contain quite a few pictures for sorting.  I’ve also included labels for the baggies.


As much as I love the activities in the Pre K- Kindergarten bundle, I love the activities in the Cookie Sheet Activities First Grade Bundle just as much.

Hope you enjoy the activities!


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Ready for Some Football?

football gameblogpic

Ready for some football?  The big game is quickly approaching–unfortunately the Lions won’t be playing so I’m not sure who I’ll be cheering for.  Anyway, Super Bowl Sunday is really fun at our house.  We typically gather with our close friends and make a night of it.  I’m thinking maybe the Ravens?

To celebrate the big game, Kyle and I quickly whipped up a fun sight word activity.  All you’ll need to do is print the footballs  single-sided to double-sided (I usually print them on cardstock), cut them out and you’ll have a ready-made game!  This activity is easily differentiated as you choose how many and which sight word footballs to use.  To play the game, students take turns choosing footballs and reading the words.  Pick the “touchdown” or “field goal” football and the player can choose more footballs, but pick the “penalty” football and all the balls go back in the pile.  This game has been a hit with the boys!

football game prepg1

Click HERE to download this activity from my TpT store

I love the little football that Kyle created so I also made it into a math activity for practicing addition facts to 12.  You can also modify the game for subtraction.

Football Additionprevpg1

Click HERE to download this freebie!

Sometimes it’s difficult to engage our little boys, especially those who are struggling.  The Race Car Blending activity has been quite popular with these kiddos.   The students blend the sounds as they are moving the car across the letters.



Click HERE to download this activity from my TpT store

If you are a football fan, enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!


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Mitten Match Activities

Oh my, the snow is flying up here in Northern Michigan!  Winter is alway a fun time of the year and it’s a great time to add a little seasonal spirit into your center activities.  These mitten match activities may just do the trick.

Assembling the activities is pretty easy.  You’ll want to print the mitten on cardstock so that they are durable and then laminate. Just grab a few clothespins and your activity is all set.  This is so not necessary, but I decided to “cutesie” up the clothespins by attaching little snowballs on the ends.  I picked up this foam packet at Micheal’s Craft Store.  There’s a variety of shapes to use for different activities.

foam bucketblogpic

You can find the snowballs on a template of 4.  Simply peel them off and put the on the end of the clothespin.


When you download the Mitten Match Rhyme, you’ll receive 30 rhyming mitten pairs!

Mitten Matchprevpg1web

The Mitten Match Rhyme activity is available through the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Mitten Match activity is also available for beginning sounds.

Mitten Match BSprepg1web

You can find the Mitten Match Beginning Sounds activity on the Make, Take & Teach website or through my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.

The Mitten Match for Vocabulary is another great center activity for our students.  Students simply clip the pictures that go-together.  Be sure to have your students explain why the pictures go together to expand oral language.


The Mitten Match Vocabulary activity is available on the Make, Take & Teach website or through the my online Teachers Pay Teacher store.

Now for the Mitten Match Math-  You can download the Number Concepts to 10 and the addition facts to 10 for free.

Mitten Match Mathblogpic

Click the following link to download this freebie Mitten Match Math

Mitten Match Math Additionblogpic

Click the following link to download Mitten Math for Addition  Mitten Match Math Addition Revised

Enjoy the winter months ahead.


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