D.I.Y. Letter Tiles and a Freebie!

I just love it when you can find a way cheaper way of creating educational items.  Sometimes ordering from a catalog can be so expensive.  Word building activities are very important for our kindergarten and first grade kiddos as they learn that letters can be put together to make words.  It’s so much more effective when each student can have their own set.  Creating your own letter tiles is quite easy.  All you need is a fine point black Sharpie marker and plastic tiles.  I like to buy the plastic tiles in bulk as I use them for several other activities.

Word Building Final

It’s super easy to make your letter tiles.  Simply write the letters on the tiles with your Sharpie marker.  I tend to write the vowels on red tiles and consonants on another color.  I use a line under the b, p and d so they don’t get confused.

Letter tiles


counting tiles

 If you don’t have the counting tiles available within your classroom, you can easily order them online.  Click HERE for a link.

The Word Building Template and Word Building Teaching page can be downloaded for free from the Make, Take & Teach Facebook page.  If you’d like to use these templates, just click on the Facebook link on the sidebar.  The file is available within Google docs.

Word Building Template

Word Building

Facebook final

Hope you have fun making your own letter tiles!

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