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I really love these Sterilite storage containers that I found at Walmart. I’ve been using them for the phonics bundles since they stack so nicely on the shelf, but thought they’d work perfectly for storing seasonal and themed activities too! So while I was working on the pre k/kindergarten apple-themed activities I decided to see if it’d work- and the did! Love it!


The containers are 15″L x 11 1/2″W x 3 1/4″H. I created a label to fit the side. Just click the link below if you’re interested in storing activities this way too.


If you’d like to download this label, just click the following link: Apple Themed Label

So what’s in the apple themed container? Well, the activities in this particular container are geared towards my pre k and kindergarten friends so the activities center around learning basic early literacy and numeracy skills. The Apple Themed Early Literacy Bundle contains 5 interactive activities for teaching rhyme, ABC order and beginning sounds.  So all five of these activities fit in the container. Here are three of these activities:

The apple themed beginning sound baskets include over 120 colorful apples for sorting by sound. This activity can be easily differentiated as you choose which and how many apples to sort.


Matching activities are also great for our kiddos learning letters and sounds. There is an upper- to lowercase letter matching activity as well as a beginning sounds matching activity.


14 rhyme baskets and apples are included in this bundle. Understanding that words are made up of individual sounds which can be changed to create different words is a foundational skill. Reading books which contain rhyme and incorporating rhyming activities is so important in our early elementary classrooms.



The Apple Themed Early Literacy Bundle can be found in my online Teachers Pay Teacher store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

Also contained in my apple themed Sterilite container are the Apple Number Doh Mats and a bag with homemade red dough. Student create apples with the dough and place the correct number on the apple tree. Pretty simple, but as always, a hands-on approach to learning a skill is best. I’ve included my favorite recipe in the download.

Play Doh


The Apple Number Doh Mats are also available in my TpT store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

The Apple Number Game is the second early numeracy activity. This game is played much like the old classic Hi Ho Cherry-O. Students try to be the first player to cover their apple tree.



The Apple Number Game is available in my TpT store or through the Make, Take & Teach website.

There are several other activities contained in the Sterilite container. Some of the activities are pictured in the previous Apple Themed Activities Blog Post.  Here’s a listing and link to each one: Apple CVC Word Sliders, Apple Orchard Beginning Sounds, Apple Orchard Word Families, Apple Alphabet Game.





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