Eyeball Bingo

Yesterday I decided that I really needed to be done with making Halloween activities and move onto Thanksgiving, but then I received the Dollar General flyer with our newspaper.  These eyes were literally staring back at me!  Oh my gosh! They look exactly like the 4-In-A-Row eyeball template that Kyle created– I thought Bingo!  Literally, I thought Bingo!  They’d make such a cute Halloween themed bingo game.


These ping pong eyeballs are $1 for a package of 8.  To make this activity, you’ll need 5 packages for a total of 40 balls.  If you cannot find these balls, regular ping pong balls will do and you can draw the eyeballs on with red, blue and black Sharpie markers.   I purchased a plastic pot at the dollar store to store the balls for this activity.

When you download this file you’ll receive six Eyeball Bingo boards.  I’ve also included the CVC word list so that you can write the words on the eyeballs.


The Eyeball Bingo activity is available for FREE in my online Teachers Pay Teachers store.




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  1. Sarah says

    LOVE LOVE!! I cant wait to play w/ my K students!! They will LOVE LOVE this!! We might have to play it into Nov. too!! hee hee!!

  2. Lisa says

    I just made this and I love it. I bought the eyeballs at THE DOLLAR TREE. (pack of 12 eyeballs for $1.00) I can’t wait for the kids to use it…they will LOVE IT. Thanks for the great idea!!

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