Holiday Vowel Sorting Activity with a Twist


I was strollin’ through the Christmas section at my local Walmart and found these holiday stakes.  They really are meant to placed in the ground around the house, but they are oh so cute and I just couldn’t resist using them for an activity.   We have just a few little first graders who still need practice with the short vowel sounds so I thought this would be a perfect holiday activity for use in a literacy center.

To make this activity, first print and cut out the 25 short vowel pictures I put on snowballs.  You’ll want to be sure to print the pics on cardstock so that they are durable.

Snowball vowel sortingblogpic

Click the following link to download your 25 FREE short vowel pics Snowball Vowel Sorting

Cut a long strip of Velcro and adhere it to each stick.   If you’d like, you can cover the point tip with the Velcro (it’s really not sharp).

velcro on stickblogpic

Place a piece of Velcro on the back of each snowball and on each short vowel snowball.

velcro onblogpic

Well, that’s pretty much it.  So quick and easy.

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